A Call to Conscious Evolution: Our Moment of Choice

Economic disparity, geopolitical tensions, climate change, educational inequities -- these mounting concerns are symptoms of a world that is out of balance. Together we can shift consciousness by co-creating a new way of being together.

The Call to Conscious Evolution was born following a gathering of global visionaries. It's a movement that fully supports that the future is not what happens to us, but rather what WE create.

Together, we can co-create a new narrative of conscious evolution by:

  • Building a global community and creating a culture of peace.
  • Restoring ecological balance to nourish all life, and mitigate the effects of climate change.
  • Engaging in social and political transformation by calling for a more conscious democracy.
  • Promoting health and healing by acknowledging the profound mind-body-spirit connection.
  • Supporting research and education that optimize human capacities.
  • Encouraging integrity in business and conscious media.

In this great time of uncertainty, join us in elevating consciousness to create a better world. One governed by meaning and purpose. Accept nothing less.

Every voice counts -- YOUR voice counts.

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We answered the Call to Conscious Evolution

1:24 am, Nov 18, 2009 – Lisa Nasser, Stoningtion, CT, US lisamnas1's picture

Practice yoga, meditation, forgivness and compassion for all. meditate on asking God to make us an instrument of thy wellness. Living purposeful lives and being conscious of our choices. Always being kind and looking for life affirming ways to make a difference from a personal level to globally.To come together with these evolutionary leaders who have dedicated thier lives to creating a new earth, alowing our voices to be heard more clearly and powerfully.

1:24 am, Nov 18, 2009 – lisa marie petty, flagstaff, AZ, US lisamarie999_2000's picture

To accelerate the shift in consciousness is to realize we are all one. There is no difference in the color of our skin, the shape of our eyes or the finacial makeup of our people. Living in the moment, stop telling our said stories and know that we can change as a people . Show how we care about each other. How are we going to help the homeless that is higher than when I was a child? Will we be able to give grants to all of the people that lost their homes? will there be apartments all over this great country that willing take those grants, so many families can get back on their feet. Local businesses, will they be willing to employ local customer services representatives, are they willing to keep interest here in the US. Industries that are using alterative fuels and wind/solar power/nuclear power/give grants to people willing to change careers, reward them with incentives that can help clean up our planet I have met a lot of people over the years with information that can help in so many ways. Do the twin hearts meditation daily, I have seen changes with this meditation that will change all of our lives. I do this daily especially during this interesting times.

1:24 am, Nov 18, 2009 – Lisa Lowy, Bideford, GB lisalowy's picture

send healing to the earth

1:24 am, Nov 18, 2009 – lisa lintner, hailey, ID, US lisalotus's picture

Abolish the private ownership of the Federal Reserve. Educate the voters as to how a few oligarchial bankers created this entity to control our economy and ultimately our government. A wealth of info exists on Google and You Tube. Spread the word. All our agendas for change require open eyes and a free economy.

1:24 am, Nov 18, 2009 – Lisa Lessard, Aurora, CO, US lisalessard's picture
1:24 am, Nov 18, 2009 – lisalea latva, ellettsville, IN, US lisalea27's picture

A monthly worldwide 20 minute meditation that focuses on a single intentiondetermined by the evolutionary leaders. And a worldwide Internet telecast FREE workshop, held monthly, that addresses the Call to Conscious Evolution narrative points (similar to what Oprah did with Eckhart Tolle).

1:24 am, Nov 18, 2009 – Lisa Liebman, Los Angeles, CA, US lisal's picture