A Call to Conscious Evolution: Our Moment of Choice

Climate change, economic disparity, educational inequities, geopolitical tensions - these mounting concerns are symptoms of a world that is out of balance. Together we can shift consciousness by co-creating a new way of being together.

The Call to Conscious Evolution was born following a gathering of global visionaries. It's a movement that fully supports that the future is not what happens to us, but rather what WE create.

Together, we can co-create a new narrative of conscious evolution by:

  • Building a global community and creating a culture of peace.
  • Restoring ecological balance to nourish all life, and mitigate the effects of climate change.
  • Engaging in social and political transformation by calling for a more conscious democracy.
  • Promoting health and healing by acknowledging the profound mind-body-spirit connection.
  • Supporting research and education that optimize human capacities.
  • Encouraging integrity in business and conscious media.

In this great time of uncertainty, join us in elevating consciousness to create a better world. One governed by meaning and purpose. Accept nothing less.

Every voice counts -- YOUR voice counts.

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We answered the Call to Conscious Evolution

8:33 am, Nov 17, 2009 – Blanche Arimond, Huntington Beach, CA, US
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8:33 am, Nov 17, 2009 – Blanca Bellenghi, West Hills, CA, US
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Fill our hearts with love. Love towards each of our brothers and sisters. And respect their uniqueness whichever it could be. The same towards our earth and nature: love, respect and protection. We have to remember that we all are part of God.

8:33 am, Nov 17, 2009 – Barbara Lamb, Yorkville, CA, US
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8:33 am, Nov 17, 2009 – sonia blakey, melbourne, AU
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8:33 am, Nov 17, 2009 – Justin Blake, Superior, CO, US
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The Sedona Method and Eckhart Tolle have been the most beneficial for me as an individual in accelerating consciousness. However, we could only elect leaders that calibrate over a certain level of consciousness (see David Hawkins). Ensuring a manipulation proof financial system would be good too.

8:33 am, Nov 17, 2009 – Blake Drolson, Kilauea, HI, US
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It is said that where attention flows, energy goes. As an idea, lets all put our attention on a world full of peace , love, and happiness for all, so to energize it into reality.

8:33 am, Nov 17, 2009 – blake hudson, townsville, AU
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love love and love; also we need to research climate change, we are are NOT causing all the warming on the planet it is mostly the cycle of earth.