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The Fuji Declaration: Divine Spark Activation

The Fuji Declaration Calls for Oneness of Diversity and Awakening the Divine Spark

The Fuji Declaration is an international alliance of individuals and organizations who are united by a commitment to advance a more harmonious and flourishing world.

Initiated by Dr. Ervin Laszlo and Masami and Hiroo Saionji, The Fuji Declaration intends to accelerate conscious evolution by spreading the embrace of “diversity with oneness,” to ignite the Divine Spark within humanity, and to explore how this transformation of consciousness can impact various spheres of global society.

The East-West launch of The Fuji Declaration will be on May 15-17 in Japan, featuring numerous members of the Evolutionary Leaders circle, and on May 16 at the legendary Kronborg Castle in Denmark.

Twenty-nine members of the Evolutionary Leaders circle have actively supported this initiative with articles, videos and inspiring comments.

Jude Currivan  Barbara Marx Hubbard  Oscar Miro-Quesada

                Jude Currivan         Barbara Marx Hubbard    Oscar Miro-Quesada



Why the Fuji Declaration? What It Means for Our Life and Our Future
Ervin LaszloBy Dr. Ervin Laszlo

At a critical time—a time of crisis and unsustainability—change is not linear but abrupt. We live in a critical time. The system we have created either breaks down to chaos, or breaks through to a new order. The breakthrough will not come from above, it will not occur at the center, and it will not be driven by money and power. It will come at the grassroots, at the creative periphery, and it will be motivated by the divine spark present in the heart and mind of every human being.  [...]



The New Education and Authentic Learning
By Dr. Nina Meyerhof

The New Education and Authentic Learning

Education is a calling…a vocation of passion for individuals who care about our next generation and our collective future. Educators today are so often bogged down by the subjects they are teaching that they often forget they are builders of this most important future. The young people are not only inheritors of our Nina Meyerhofpast but are also our pilgrims into the next phase of evolutionary consciousness. They are the architects for the coming phases that include social, cultural and global development. They have the potential to no longer imitate what has come before them but rather imagining the scaffolding for structures that lead us into a better future. [...]



Divine Spark as an Important Metaphor
By Dr. Bruce LiptonDivine Spark

A cell biologist describes his own journey to understand the relationship between inner divinity and the world we live in.

The Fuji Declaration: We affirm the divine spark in the heart and mind of every human being and intend to live by its light in every sphere of our existence.

Burce LiptonQuestion: What have you learned from your study of cells that might help us understand better the divine spark as an important metaphor?

Well, number one — while serving as a research scientist, it is important to note that I wasn’t spiritual at all. [...]

Invitation from the Living Universe
By Duane ElginInvitation from the Living Universe

A living universe paradigm: A self-consistent pattern of thoughts, concepts, and assumptions about the nature of reality is rapidly emerging. Simply stated, we are seeing a profound shift from a non-living view of the universe to a view that regards the universe as uniquely alive. This is not a “new” perspective as, more than two thousand years ago, Plato said that, “the universe is a single living creature that encompasses all living creatures within it.”

Duane ElginWhat is new is how a living systems perspective is drawing upon insights from science to validate this emerging paradigm that regards the universe as a unified system that is sustained continuously by the flow-through of phenomenal amounts of energy and whose essential nature includes consciousness or a self-reflective capacity that enables systems at every scale of existence to exercise some freedom of choice.

YES! Morocco and Pakistan Leadership Jams

By Shilpa Jain

The first-ever Morocco Youth Leadership Jam engaged 12 diverse change-makers, from varying religious, ethnic, economic, geographic, and professional backgrounds in Tafoughalte, Morocco. It was organized and facilitated by a team of six alumni of the Middle East Jam.

Morocco Leadership Jam

Jammers took a deep dive into sharing their life journeys, practicing full listening, exploring their context, grappling with their identities, and building a community of support, collaboration and love. Already, plans are underway for the next one!

Next stop was the Pakistan Youth Leadership Jam on March 22-26, 2015, outside Karachi, Pakistan, organized by a team of alumni of the Middle East Jam. 29 Pakistani change-makers gathered to heal divisions, create support, and vision a positive future for families and the land.

YES! Jam Pakistan

YES! is a nonprofit organization that connects, inspires and collaborates with changemakers to join forces for thriving, just and sustainable ways of life for all. We have a number of intergenerational Jams planned for this spring and summer and would love to have evolutionary leaders join the 'Jamily' (jam-family :) These include the Law and Social Change Jam, the LGBTQ*/Queer Jam; the Arts and Social Change Jam, the Education Jam, the North America Jam, and the Evolving + Emerging Economies Jam.  More details can be found at Current Jams & Programs - YES! – Connecting, Inspiring and Collaborating with Young Changemakers -- hope you can join for one of them!


A Call From the Women of India and the World for International Women's Day

8 March 2015
Vandana Shiva's Navdanya Champions Biodiversity

"On International Women’s Day 8th March 2015, we the women of India and the world commit ourselves to reclaiming our seed, food, and knowledge sovereignty so that we can all enjoy healthy, safe, nutritious, tasty and diverse food. And through our food, we will reclaim our health and the health of the planet.Vandana Shiva

"We will not allow a further degradation of our food systems and knowledge systems. We do not have to go down the road of replacing our biodiversity with GMO monocultures and our rich knowledge of food and nutrition with scientific and ethical fraud. We will not sacrifice our seed and food sovereignty for corporate control and profits."


Press Release International Women’s Day, 8th March 2015

Diverse Women for Diversity

Mahila Anna Swaraj

Initiative for Health, Equity and Society


Moms Across the World


Women have been the primary growers of food and nutrition throughout history, but today, food is being taken out of our hands and substituted for toxic commodities controlled by global corporations. Monoculture industrial farming has taken the quality, taste and nutrition out of our food. As a result, India is facing a nutritional crisis: every fourth Indian goes hungry, and in 2011 alone, diabetes took the lives of 1 million Indians. Globally, there is a disease epidemic because our food is nutritionally empty but full of toxics. 

Now, the same companies who created the crisis are promising a miracle solution: GMOs. Genetically engineered Golden Rice and GMO Bananas are being proposed as solutions by corporations hiding behind the cloak of  philanthropy as a solution to hunger and malnutrition in the Global South. But these are false miracles. Indigenous biodiverse varieties of food grown by women provide far more nutrition than the commodities produced by industrial agriculture. Golden Rice is 350% less efficient in providing Vit A than the biodiversity alternatives that women grow. GMO ‘iron-rich’ Bananas have 3000% less iron than turmeric and 2000% less iron than amchur (mango powder). Apart from being nutritionally empty, GMOs are part of an industrial system of agriculture that is destroying the planet, depleting our water sources, increasing green houses gases, and driving farmers into debt and suicide through a greater dependence on chemical inputs. Moreover, these corporate-led industrial monocultures are destroying biodiversity, and we are losing access to the food systems that have sustained us throughout time. When we consider the number of patents involved in these initiatives, it becomes all too clear that the only beneficiaries of these supposedly ‘people-led’ ventures are large companies operating for profit - not for people.

This needs to stop now. On this international women’s day, we call on all women – the world’s primary food-growers and food-givers – to stand together and join us in reclaiming our knowledge, our farming, and our food. To expose the lies generated by the GMO industry, to reject the false promises of Golden Rice and GMO Bananas, and to reclaim the planet for all living beings.

The alternative lies in women’s hands and minds

On International Women’s Day 8th March 2015, we the women of India and the world commit ourselves to reclaiming our seed, food, and knowledge sovereignty so that we can all enjoy healthy, safe, nutritious, tasty and diverse food.  And through our food, we will reclaim our health and the health of the planet. 

We will not allow a further degradation of our food systems and knowledge systems. We do not have to go down the road of replacing our biodiversity with GMO monocultures and our rich knowledge of food and nutrition with scientific and ethical fraud. We will not sacrifice our seed and food sovereignty for corporate control and profits. 

We commit ourselves to 

1 Promote and evolve the use of our indigenous seeds, crops  and foods to address the crisis of malnutrition and health.

2 Spread gardens of hope, diversity and nutrition everywhere: in schools, on rooftops, on balconies.

3. Spread nutritional literacy about our diverse foods, and biosafety literacy about toxics and GMOs

3 Celebrate Mahila Anna Swaraj (food sovereignty in women’s hands) at Navdanya’s biodiversity farm in Doon Valley (27-29 March 2015) by strengthening alternatives that promote sustainability, justice and health

4 Celebrate Mother Earth Day, 22nd April 2015 to liberate the Earth, our farms, our kitchens and our bodies from the burden of disease. Celebrate the connection between the health of the soil and the health of all beings on the planet during 2015 the United Nations’ ‘Year of Soil’

As women, in all our vibrant diversity, we will make a paradigm shift from monocultures to diversity, from chemicals to organic, from reductionist and mechanistic science to ecological knowledge, from corporate control and monopolies to seed sovereignty, food sovereignty and knowledge sovereignty in women’s hands and women’s minds. We will grow alternatives to the ecological and health disaster of industrial agriculture and its new false promises of Golden Rice and GMO Bananas.

We will shape the future of food and nutrition through biodiversity in our hands and in our minds. We will take back our seeds, and we will take back our food.

For further information

Dr Mira Shiva                                                     Dr Vandana Shiva

IHES                                                       Diverse Women for Diversitydivider

Mark Gerzon and John Steiner Bring Transpartisan Movement to New York

Evolutionary Leaders Mark Gerzon and John Steiner were in New York on March 12 for an event with Joan Blades of Moms Rising and Living Room Conversations at the office of Fenton Communications on 9th Avenue in New York.

Mark Gerzon on the Transpartisan Movement

Mark and John are working to develop a Transpartisan Movement for America to build shared identity, raise visibility, strengthen and expand the numbers of organizations and individuals dedicated to collaborative civic problem solving and collaborative policy innovation. The aim of the Transpartisan Movement is to catalyze and galvanize the capacity to influence leaders in government and business to work together to solve the challenges we face as a country.

Mark Gerzon, Deborah Moldow & John Steiner
Mark Gerzon, Deborah Moldow, John Steiner

Click HERE for further information on this vital movement for our time.


Inspiration Corner

Joan Borysenko on Mystical Forgiveness

Joan Borysenko gave a moving talk about the door to eternity at  the Uplift Festival 12.12.14. She describes the powerful experience of the death of her mother where she learns it's all about love.

Rinaldo Brutoco on The Future of Business

This beautiful short film is expresses the heartfelt concern that motivates World Business Academy Founding President Rinaldo S. Brutoco to put his effort, time and energy into the World Business Academy. 


Looking Back...

Dr. Don Edward Beck Honored by Texas Legislature in 1995

Don Beck"The Texas House of Representatives takes great pride in commending a truly remarkable Texan, Dr. Don Edward Beck, for his invaluable contributions toward the peaceful creation of a democratic South Africa..." begins Resolution #224. Dr. Beck is commended for 15 years of work behind the scenes to end apartheid peacefully.

The Texas Senate passed a similar resolution, #901, stating that "Dr. Beck is a true inspiration to Texans everywhere who struggle against great odds to make the world a better place..."

Texas Senate Resolution Page 1   Texas Senate Resolution Page 2

We congratulate Don Beck on the 20th anniversary of this important recognition - and salute him on his work with Spiral Dynamics around the world that continues to this day.

Amazing You

New Film Features Gregg Braden and Howard Martin

The Amazing YouNASA legends who put men on the moon, visionaries that landed robots on Mars, award winning scientists who built spaceships to travel far into our galaxy, rock stars that turned music into magic and entrepreneurs that changed the social paradigms with their business genius share with you the fundamental principles for creating authentic success. Together with them, you step into the future!
Howard Martin & Gregg Braden


Help Nepal Earthquake Victims Now

Direct Relief Through Children of the Earth

Nepal Delivery 

Mark Harris, a young alumnus of Children of the Earth, is coordating direct relief in a remote rural area of Nepal called Sindhupalchowk that was the hardest hit in the country with a death toll rising above 1,500 people. All of the homes collapsed, leaving families with scarce resources to sustain survival.

Mark Harris in NepalMark states: The dust through the valley is a mix of landslides and houses collapsing. When the big one hit, the whole valley was up in dust as if it had been bombed... Everywhere is devastated, and yet the mountains were as beautiful as ever. The villagers there told us that in this region of 1300 people the only aid that had arrived so far came from a helicopter that dropped three sacks of rice...

We have now set up two medical camps, and have provided care to nearly 200 people in the last three days. Our team has grown to include a doctor, nurses, paramedics and a handful of med students both from Nepal and Europe. We have built a medic camp in Ichowk, where we had first arrived to distribute aid, that has become a busy hub for people seeking care. Nepal Children

I must admit that the real work is being done by my local friends, Bhimesh, David, Tsering, the jeep drivers, and the guys on the ground that are willing to strap 30 kilos to their backs and hike two hours up a mountain... We have a ton of work ahead of us, but I’ve never felt so inspired to work long days and late nights to do what we must.

Children of the Earth's founder Nina Meyerhof is organizing funding efforts to assure that all donations via Children of the Earth go directly to those in need. They also have an Indigogo site, but those funds may take up to three vital weeks to arrive. Please CLICK HERE to help right now.

Nepal Relief
Nepal Relief
Nepal Relief
Nepal Relief
Nepal Relief
Nepal Relief

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The Source of Synergy Foundation, convener of the Evolutionary Leaders project, recognizes that our essence is Source: a single, universal field out of which everything emerges, where we are united as one.

From this place we create opportunities for Synergy that spirals out creating, expanding and deepening connectivity and synergistic engagement.

Our Foundation is built upon exploring, utilizing and awakening to our innate qualities and capacities as conscious, evolving expressions of the Source of all that is, all that was and all that ever will be.
SOSF Board Members in DCEvolutionary LeadersSOSF ReceptionEvolutionary Leaders Retreat 2014

Science to Sage Online Magazine Features Evolutionary Leaders

Science to Sage

Science to Sage International E-Magazine features fascinating articles by Evolutionary Leaders. Neale Donald Walsch writes on "Is humanity’s cultural story causing humanity’s cultural crisis?"

Read Gregg Braden's enquiry into "Who Are We?" and an interview with Dr. Ervin Laszlo, by Randall Melnyk.


The 13th Disciple

A New Book by Deepak Chopra

Deepak ChopraFrom Deepak Chopra comes a spiritual adventure story about Christ’s forgotten disciple, an ancient mystery school, and the timeless power of faith. Before suddenly disappearing from her cloister, Sister Margaret Thomas McGeary 

The 13th Discipleleaves behind a solid gold reliquary, which her niece Mare discovers tucked away among Sister Margaret’s belongings. “This is from the thirteenth disciple,” a handwritten note says, “follow it where it leads,” setting into motion a millennia-old mystery about the final—and truest—disciple of Christ.

Weaving together masterful storytelling, page-turning intrigue, and biblical and religious scholarship, Deepak Chopra reveals illuminating truths about Jesus, his followers, and, ultimately, belief itself. Like his previous New York Times bestselling novels, Buddha and Jesus, The 13th Disciple invites readers to know and experience religion in a new and breathtaking way.


Food Revolution Summit Convenes Experts

Hear Final Day Audio

Hear a replay of John and Ocean Robbins finale presentation to the 9-day Food Revolution Summit that ran from April 25-May 3, 2015. 

Ocean and his father convened 25 visionary speakers and 160,000 participants who left 10,000 comments. As Ocean says, "We really do need everyone at the table," which is why they made the summit available for free.  The summit inspired healing, hope and new commitments to healthy food for healthy living.

Among the luminaries featured were Paul McCartney, Michael Pollan, Frances Moore Lappe and Evolutionary Leaders Michael Bernard Beckwith  ("Say Yes to Thriving") and Vandana Shiva ("Food, Democracy and the Future of LIfe").

As Tony and Ocean Robbins affirm:

"May all be fed, may all be healed,
may all be loved."

Join the Food Revolution!

Featured Quote

From God's Message to the World by Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch"God has been telling us from the very beginning, and it is becomeing more clear to us every day, that Humanity's Ancient Cultural Story about a God who is demanding and commanding is plainly and simply inaccurate.

"It is okay now to remove this ancient teaching from our current story, and to stop telling this to ourselves and to our children.

God's Message to the World"God demands and commands nothing. This is because God has no reason to demand or command anything. And this is because God needs nothing.

"God "needs" no experience--emotional, physical, or spirital--since God is the source of every experience God could have."


New Life

Yuka Saionji MatsuuraEvolutionary Leader Yuka Saionji
gave birth to her first child on March 28th.

Yuka says, "Our baby boy was born 28, March 2015. Came few weeks earlier than expected, but is a very healthy boy.

His name is Soma. Soma Saionji Matsuura
The Chinese character for 'So' represents the blue sky and 'Ma' represents truth.

With the hope that he will have a heart of a big blue sky, speaking the truth and living his mission. Thank you to everyone who has supported us on our way here!!"

We welcome this new evolutionary leader!


A Bit of Wisdom

From Rev. Christian Sorensen

Now What?
Christian Sorensen
What can be life-altering is delving into deeper states of consciousness and watching your thinking mind quiet and perceptions dissolve while slipping into the joy vibration. Moving beyond your ordinary self into the limitless is freeing, to say the least. The ever-changing, shifting, thinking mind becomes stable, balanced, and mindful. Your laser perception sees the expanded and detailed version of what you are looking at because you are fully present. You feel the pulse of sound resonating through you; you see the molecular structure of what catches your attention. Then desire beyond the five senses calls you deeper, beyond identification to merge with awareness itself. All sense of self is gone. You are nothing and yet you are everything. The amazing part of this is that it's as if you wake up from a dream and wonder now what? Be kind, and give yourself a little time for re-entry.

Reflection​: If you were to experience this inseparable Oneness with all life, what relevance would it have in your daily walk through this world?

Affirmation: My spiritual experiences integrate smoothly into my daily life!

Transformational EducationDr. Jean Houston

By Dr. Jean Houston

Reprinted from Kosmos Fall/Winter 2014

Consider the problems today’s young people will have to face: global warming and other changes in climate, disastrous ups and downs in our interlinked financial markets, worldwide unemployment, more than a billion people living in deprivation, disappearing soils and forests, oppressive governments and corporations, a stratified economic system that rewards the most greedy among us. As we confront these challenges, we must ask ourselves: What kind of education do we need to develop the skills to cope with a world in which so much can go wrong?

It would be the greatest of tragedies if now, in the midst of the golden age of brain/mind research, when we are discovering the full range of what we contain and what we yet may be, we agree to limited vision of our possibilities amped up with new technologies. Education that is hands-on, sensory-rich, and experience-laden, which calls forth the whole mind of the whole child, can develop our human potential and give us the tools to cope with whole system transition. Moreover, schools can lead the way in providing the model for education that is continuous throughout life, so that adults can be and know and discover human wonders that exceed even the most far-out technologies. This is what schools at all levels can teach. In so doing, they prepare us to be possible humans who are equal to the task of navigating the shoals of a time of grave challenges. The whole mind of the child may well be the key to our continuity as a species. [...]

Read Full Article in Kosmos


Let's Move -- Together

By John Perkins

Reprinted from, March 26, 2015

John PerkinsYou must be the change you wish to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi

The individuals who launched revolutions and created lasting change in their eras and environments were effective because they were active. They were sometimes leaders of groups and organizations, and sometimes lone wolves speaking out by themselves, but they were always moving. Real change is not made by criticizing or complaining and waiting passively, but by taking the first step – and then the next. . .

Corporations are run by people; each person in power is an individual with choices to make, just like you and me. The power of corporations is in their numbers and financial power and their alliances with each other and with governments. This is my plea for us all to come together in a movement to force corporations to serve the public interest instead of maximizing profits regardless of the social and environmental costs – and not just the public interest of one nation over another, but of the whole world.

Our current political situation is unprecedented. The vast majority of Americans keep falling behind economically because of changes in society’s ground rules, while the rich get even richer — yet this situation doesn’t translate into actions that win in politics.

As this article by Robert Kuttner, cited on Common Dreams, eloquently illustrates, we’ve waited for the parties in power, both of them, to do “something” to fix our problems. The years have shown us that waiting for others is not fixing anything.

But there is great hope in the worldwide awakening that I have witnessed on my travels in the last few years. People, and the organizations they represent, are realizing that we must bring the marketplace into alignment with the goals of creating a world where all human beings enjoy access to basic human rights, to peace, justice, and spiritual prosperity. Responsible and successful business models must be encouraged and politicians who write and vote for socially just policies need to be supported. Those of us who are waking up can be – or influence – those politicians and those business leaders; we can make a difference as consumers, activists, as individuals in seats of power, and by calling on our colleagues to do the same.

Simply waiting for someone else to make the first move isn’t going to further the revolution. Each of us must follow our passions and strengths and do what we know is right. It starts with each of us looking past our differences and seeing how our goals are the same.



On June 13th, I will be co-hosting the Love Summit with Dan Wieden at the award-wining Wieden+Kennedy advertising agency in Portland, OR. This first of its kind event will bring together the business community and public to explore the missing link in business and sustainability education—compassion, love—the most likely candidate for stabilizing the economy, decelerating climate change, protecting the environment, creating positive social change for future generations, and benefiting corporations financially. More information and early bird tickets available until April 15th at

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