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Don Beck [1937-2022]

For the last four decades I have sought to understand psychology at the large scale: the design and transformation of whole societies. This involves characteristics of the mass mind; the underlying DNA-like Codes that shape human groupings within various habitats and Life Conditions; and, now, the unique dynamics of change, shifts, and transitions. My world is full of cycles, spirals, force fields, multiple identities, conflicting ideologies, Us vs. Them polarities, and a map full of political, economic, religious, social, racial and ethnic cells. I sense order in this chaos, with billions of humans passing through different zones in the premodern, modern, postmodern, and now integral flows. Any serious effort at global transformation must bring the entire spiral of value systems with it. The danger is that we will simply project our own affluent world views on to people who are struggling with different Life Conditions, who are not as “enlightened” as we are. Our efforts must be deep, broad, proactive and systemic.

So, what to do?

First, we need new conceptual maps to enable us to recognize these diversities in human populations that transcend race, gender, ethnicity, national identities. Not everybody can see them. Life in Flatland is very comfortable.

Second, consider the role of Vital Signs Monitors to carefully track progress, regressions, and potential violence. Singapore has such a capacity in the Risk Analysis Horizontal Scanning technology.

Third, construct scaffoldings of solutions to provide models to address the change FROM what and TO what potentials, with practical examples.

If we are now in a period of twilight and uncertainty, is this before darkness – and all hell is about to break out – or before dawn – as we prepare for a momentous leap into a new civilization? Which is it?

It was Buckminster Fuller who said: “Don’t fight forces, use them.”


No more prizes for forecasting the rain; only prizes for building the ark. Let's get it done!