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It’s time for our social experiment in radical generosity, spiritual friendship and co-creativity to begin. Orienta… days 14 hours ago
Tomorrow at noon PST is the Welcome Session for new members of our social experiment. If you're ready for a new lev… week 3 days ago
I'm happy to share that a New Republic of the Heart is actually coming into being! I see it in our team, our volunt… months 2 weeks ago
8/ I can't wait for you to hear the first episodes. They are available now in podcast players on your mobile device… year 2 months ago
7/ Then integral climate scientist Karen O’Brien (). Then the young trailblazing metamodern politica… year 2 months ago
6/ Then I spoke with the illuminated poetic mystic Andrew Harvey. Then the brilliant peak performance expert Jamie… year 2 months ago
5/ We have 8 episodes available right now, featuring remarkable human beings. Dr. Monica Sharma () wh… year 2 months ago
4/ This is not a podcast of conventional interviews or intellectualizing our predicament. We try to lean fully into… year 2 months ago
3/ Because it’s “game time” on the planet, we are confronted by heartbreaking emergencies AND breakthrough possibil… year 2 months ago
2/ These first 8 episodes are my first attempts to have daring, vulnerable, and catalytic “conversations that matte… year 2 months ago