A Call to Conscious Evolution: Our Moment of Choice

Economic disparity, geopolitical tensions, climate change, educational inequities -- these mounting concerns are symptoms of a world that is out of balance. Together we can shift consciousness by co-creating a new way of being together.

The Call to Conscious Evolution was born following a gathering of global visionaries. It's a movement that fully supports that the future is not what happens to us, but rather what WE create.

Together, we can co-create a new narrative of conscious evolution by:

  • Building a global community and creating a culture of peace.
  • Restoring ecological balance to nourish all life, and mitigate the effects of climate change.
  • Engaging in social and political transformation by calling for a more conscious democracy.
  • Promoting health and healing by acknowledging the profound mind-body-spirit connection.
  • Supporting research and education that optimize human capacities.
  • Encouraging integrity in business and conscious media.

In this great time of uncertainty, join us in elevating consciousness to create a better world. One governed by meaning and purpose. Accept nothing less.

Every voice counts -- YOUR voice counts.

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We answered the Call to Conscious Evolution

2:14 am, Nov 18, 2009 – MÛnica DomÌnguez, MÈxico DF, MX modom's picture

mÛnica domÌnguez

2:14 am, Nov 18, 2009 – Carol Mode, Nashville, TN, US moders's picture
2:14 am, Nov 18, 2009 – Everett Ford, Sun Valle, ID, US modeltford1177's picture

start to carpool / use public transportation. we all need to be aware of what is going on in the world and to start engaging more about it.

2:14 am, Nov 18, 2009 – Jan Hearthstone, Sebastopol, CA, US modelearth's picture

Not much good is happening in the world, QED every day; no one could say that we are over the hump, and that things started getting better and better already. Quite the opposite! This is mostly due to the fact that we all might want good things for this world to happen, but the things that we want are contrary to each other in many cases, and/or too vaguely formulated. What needs to happen is that we agree, collectively, on what kind of world we want to live in; once we have a good idea of what kind of world we all want to live, then, and only then, we stand a chance of any betterment in this world. If this unification of our ideas (ideas contrary to each other in most cases to the point of canceling each other out) doesn't happen, we just stay on our current course to hell; A lasting peace in the world has not happened yet, because we all want a different kind of a peace in the world, and we go to war, because we want *our* version of peace in the world to prevail. More at www.ModelEarth.Org . Thank you, Mr. Jan Hearthstone.

2:14 am, Nov 18, 2009 – Robert Mocsany, Los Angeles, CA, US mocsany's picture

We may engage in no transaction which does not benefit all whom it affects.

2:14 am, Nov 18, 2009 – Marianne McAvenia, Quincy, MA, US mockymur's picture

Look each other in the eye. Get over old notions of territorial supremacy. Realize that we are ONE PEOPLE on ONE EARTH.

2:14 am, Nov 18, 2009 – Molly McCord, Seattle, WA, US mocamc's picture

Denote peer leaders to speak to different age groups about this time in history, the shift in conscious, the possibilities, and the potentials. Encourage relating and connecting to a "real person" who can facilitate discussions, questions and forums for sharing information. Especially needed for those in their 20s and 30s. I am raising my hand to assist with this type of project! I can be reached through my website: www.BeMoxie.com