Deepak Chopra
Deepak Chopra
Barbara Marx Hubbard
Barbara Marx Hubbard
Gregg Braden
Gregg Braden
Jean Houston
Jean Houston
Bruce Lipton
Bruce Lipton
Joan Borysenko
Joan Borysenko
Duane Elgin
Duane Elgin
Lynne McTaggart
Lynne McTaggart
Join Deepak Chopra, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton and other Evolutionary Leaders in making a Call to Conscious Evolution to collectively help accelerate the shift in global consciousness...

A Call to Conscious Evolution: Our Moment of Choice

Climate change, economic disparity, educational inequities, geopolitical tensions - these mounting concerns are symptoms of a world that is out of balance. Together we can shift consciousness by co-creating a new way of being together.

The Call to Conscious Evolution was born following a gathering of global visionaries. It's a movement that fully supports that the future is not what happens to us, but rather what WE create.

Together, we can co-create a new narrative of conscious evolution by:

  • Building a global community and creating a culture of peace.
  • Restoring ecological balance to nourish all life, and mitigate the effects of climate change.
  • Engaging in social and political transformation by calling for a more conscious democracy.
  • Promoting health and healing by acknowledging the profound mind-body-spirit connection.
  • Supporting research and education that optimize human capacities.
  • Encouraging integrity in business and conscious media.

In this great time of uncertainty, join us in elevating consciousness to create a better world. One governed by meaning and purpose. Accept nothing less.

Every voice counts -- YOUR voice counts.

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We answered the Call to Conscious Evolution

4:07 pm, Oct 4, 2015 – Emelin Patterson, Utica, United States
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11:48 am, Oct 4, 2015 – Dorothy Head, Biola, United States
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11:32 am, Oct 4, 2015 – Merry Daniel, Plano, United States
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6:12 am, Oct 4, 2015 – Javelin Schram, Driebergen Rijsenburg, Netherlands, the
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There is no outside world

Animals with a higher consciousness, recognize them self in a mirror. Birds attack their reflection in the mirror, see their reflection as the opponent. In the moment most people are still like the bird, not knowing better. I believe, there is a lot of willingness to open up for the evolution for higher consciousness, others prefer to remain the bird, attacking it's own reflection. I've been Experimenting with wonderful result, also with friends. If we become consciously aware, that there is no outside world but that the world is the mirror of our believes, no other separate person but another self, focus and imagine the world in it's blueprint and Devine perfection, a healing, healthy world, rather than a sick, it must shift. What is working and demonstrated to me, by helping other people must work the same way in a big. I believe that the art is, to imagine everything in Devine perfection, in the blueprint, that is what I did, in 2 months I have had about 15 miraculous demonstrations helping other people and other things.

Allow our selfs and have the courage to live the Oneness with our true heart nature. One with ourself is one with everything.
And what a great potential of creativity, if we allow us and go for our personal inspiration, not anymore a stranger to ourself. Stop to play artificial rolls.
Spreading the art of stepping out of fear, to faith, to alignment with our self. Learn to shift our believes.
My husband where healing 5 people from multiplies scleroses by shifting believes.

It is beginning within us.
If you are not moved by appearance,
Appearance have to move.

Love Javelin

2:55 am, Oct 4, 2015 – Jody Marsh, Venice, United States
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2:30 am, Oct 4, 2015 – Darlyn Chase, Fort Worth, United States
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6:15 pm, Oct 3, 2015 – Jodie-kay Naughton, Hillside, Illinois, United States
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We can create a future filled with cooperation and compassion with leaders that compromise with grace, confidence and love.