The BIGGEST New Age Myths and What They Really Mean

I recently came across an article discussing some of the more difficult spiritual notions that people grapple with: focusing on the positive, letting go of resistance, and accepting what is.

The author found herself struggling with moral relativism and a feeling as if nothing mattered, and that there was no difference between reality and perception.

One of the main comments regarding the article was a notion that many in the spiritual community talk about, wherein “everything is okay.”

In the context of the article, it was like saying, “I’m starving, and I don’t know what to do, and you’re telling me everything is okay? My body aches. My heart hurts. And yet, everything is okay?“

Today, I wanted to invite you on a journey to explore what some of these “platitudes” really mean, and how we can actually empower ourselves through a more meaningful exploration of the energy behind these buzz phrases.

I want to start with the phrase that sparked the most resistance for a lot of people, and it’s one you may have battled with as well:

1. “Everything is Okay.”

Where we reside outside of time and space, this statement is true. Yet, that doesn’t always means you are experiencing things that feel “okay” here in reality.

It’s a truth meant to help you understand that no matter what you are going through and experiencing here on earth and in this life, there is a wider perspective/truth/knowledge/being/spirit that is you, and at that level, yes, “everything is okay.”

Knowing that, and tapping into that can be very empowering.

It’s one of the reasons religions of all faiths create such a connection amongst people, and in many cases hold such a sense of freedom for (and even a power over) them. These people feel that they can’t change “reality,” but they know it will be better “over there.”

At an energetic level, knowing everything is okay is actually important because it helps us unplug from all of the lower vibrational co-dependent “stuff” and helps us to see the world in a different light, wherein we begin to see our own sovereignty and the sovereignty of others.

It means that at the soul level – whatever your belief is – you’re okay. The world is okay.

When we talk about releasing resistance, we’re talking about releasing resistance mentally so that it frees you to choose something new.

It’s a multidimensional take on problem solving and perception change that the author viewed as “Don’t ever resist anything!”. But this isn’t what it means.

We’re talking about freeing you to see the space in which you can create change.

For example, I speak with people on a daily basis who are working with the energies of love and finances all the time – and I even did this myself with my own health. They often have such an aversion to reality and what is really going on in their lives that they can’t create or choose a new direction for their themselves.

Through accepting what is, we allow ourselves space to see more of the potentials and choices.

From this space, people begin to see that their whole focus has been on “fighting against” rather than creating…

Which touches on the next approach that so many light workers gravitate towards:

2. “Don’t Focus on the Negative”

Physically, if I cut myself, I am going to tend to the wound, as opposed to ignoring the blood and saying a mantra until I am blue in the face!

The whole point – for me – of energy work is to be able to express and live from the heart, and to create the world I want to be in. In essence, to be the change I want to see in the world.

We are that change. We are that energy.

Of course, to change requires work.

I have to address that cut and allow it to heal and use all of the means at my disposal. From here, we get into subjective reality.

One person may be able to move right on after an injury. Another may feel deflated. What we’re ultimately looking at though, are ways to make life better.

We are looking for ways to further experience our expression in this world as the pure blending of physical and spiritual beingness.

For so many, the term “New Age” ironically represents an old energy of “wishing” and “magic,” and to me THIS concept is the biggest misconception among light workers and New Age practitioners.

This relates to money, love, and weight because the real change and magic comes from who we are and who we decide to be: what we actively create.

Someone asked me a wonderful question the other day about “wishing” energy relating to finance and business. While my response was meant as an answer solely to their question, it encompassed so many other subjects that I would love to share it with you today.

My answer went something like this: “People get caught in business because they don’t realize that life is an active expression, and sometimes to get more, you have to create more. And in creating more, you are literally expanding your own field through the physical space and time of right now.”

Right now you are alive.

Right now, you have the power within to create worlds – even if you don’t know you’re doing it, you’ve been doing it all along, and by allowing yourself a space of love and acceptance really looking at what is, you allow yourself a place wherein you can begin to pivot your thoughts.

You give yourself a space and place to see new potentials and possibilities.

By expressing all that you are in this multidimensional way, you are able to physically address whatever your situation may be, while allowing, accepting, and redirecting yourself into a new and ever-expanding place of self exploration empowerment, and joy.

Because you ARE the energy you’re directing.

And even that last word, “joy,” can be something so difficult for so many.

As we join together, let this be your intention: to expand and grow in, with, and as the light that you are.

To align fully with the creator of this and all universes in total peace and divine love, knowing and experiencing that connection, releasing resistance and stories of unworthiness, and embracing the love of your true inner light. And for some of you, maybe this will be the place you finally allow yourself to meet this light :)

Direct yourself at every level to knowingly claim and affirm: I am committed to one happy, healthy, prosperous whole, and that makes me happy.

And it’s easy, simple, quiet, and complete, now and forever. And in this moment, the moment from which all moments are born, I allow myself to be reborn in the pure love of all that is, expressing myself in ever-expanding, authentic ways, anchored in and born of pure, divine love, in all ways.

Namaste :)


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