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April 13, 2024
by Joe Martino

Do you ever peruse the internet or social media and feel like everything is a repeat of the same old? Perhaps even when you go about your daily routine... things feel generally stale? 

I do. And it's not just small things, it's the way we are living and being on this planet... things grow more & more stale as time passes.

To be fair, this is what drove me to begin my work 15 years ago. But I do still sense (and hear more & more people talk about it) that this feeling is growing.

There is something stale about the way we are currently living in our world. Millions, likely billions, feel it and we see it emerging as a shift in consciousness that continually picks up speed.

While I also see a zen-like response emerge within myself that says "Yes, but there is beauty and originality in everything and every moment"...I don't think the part that feels things are stale is meant to be brushed off with, "Oh stay in the moment, all is perfect." It's meant to be nurtured.

This voice is craving a profound novelty. It's not acting from a lack nor neediness, it's acting from a sacred place of creation.

It's acting as an evolutionary pressure for those who hear it and sense that a fresh inventiveness and aliveness wants to be born. Something that truly inspires us beyond our current stories. 

Back in 2009 for me, listening to this voice meant moving into silence and hearing what wanted to come out. 

Collective Evolution was born.

And 15 years later, although what CE spoke about then is now EVERYWHERE on the internet... collectively we remain in a space between worlds. 

A time when some are hearing the faint voice of an emerging world but almost everything around them is still 'the old.'

This is an awkward place to be. And that's OK. I think we're meant to feel this sense of awkwardness.

This uncertain space between what we know is possible and what is not yet created. Where there is a sense of staleness. And almost a feeling that we don't quite see the world...