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May 1, 2021
by Deborah Sandella

A couple springs ago, my husband and I discovered a miniature round nest adeptly stuccoed to a small tree branch overhanging our patio. Using binoculars, we saw two still and wide-eyed hummingbirds peeking out (zoom photo above). Every so often we’d hear and see mama as she hovered to feed them.

A few days later, the nest was empty. Although we missed the vicarious joy of following their development, we were grateful to witness their launch into flight–the journey for which they were born. Coincidentally or synchronistically, we are witnessing in the same week, our two young-adult children flying to new lands to begin new jobs. I love our metaphoric connection to Nature.

The mirror is so enlightening…
What can hummingbirds teach us? Amazingly, a hummer that’s just hatched has no memory of past migrations, only an urge to fuel up and fly in a particular direction for a certain amount of time, then look for a good place to spend the winter. They are fully capable of traveling astounding distances on their own tiny wings; it is generally accepted most fly non-stop across the Gulf of Mexico in the spring and retrace their flight in late summer/early fall.

What about your launch into flight? Where are you in the process of a hummingbird journey? Sitting in stillness and opening to receive inner nourishment in preparation? Sensing the inner urge to leave your familiar nest and take flight? Flying in the...