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July 1, 2021
by Karen Noé

Summer is here and a variety of gorgeous colorful flowers continue to bloom; birds are singing their glorious songs throughout the day. Despite all of this, I have been focusing on my many projects and on the knots I’ve had in my stomach worrying about finishing all these assignments on time. Yes, I should have learned by now to focus on the love and beauty all around me, but once again, I fell into my old ways.


Two weeks ago, I was having a new floor installed in my office because the carpet that was in there was buckling up. After the workers ripped up all the carpeting, they noticed that the floor underneath was uneven. Because of this, they were unable to install the new floor. They couldn’t even place the carpet back because it was now in torn up into small pieces. I was upset because my office was now a total mess, and I had to use this room for my appointments the next day. The gentleman saw how distressed I was and told me that he knew someone who would be able to level the whole floor and install the new one for me by midnight that same day. I was happy that he was able to accommodate me so quickly, but not so thrilled about the extra cost. Yet I totally understood that they weren’t able to install that floor before they fixed the problem underneath.


Then, last Friday morning, as I continued holding onto the stress of all I had to accomplish, I felt as if I was going to explode any minute. On the surface I looked fine, but I was not. Before an appointment, for whatever reason, I felt the...