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December 20, 2022
by Ervin Laszlo

The Way Forward

We are at crossroads. Our choice of the way we take will decide our future, and may determine our destiny. We need scientifically as well as spiritually informed thought and action by a critical mass of awakened and responsible people. The ten-point roadsign that follows is intended to help us to make a wise and responsible choice.

1. In the critical epoch in which we now live, we must think and to act wisely. Our way forward needs to be guided by wise insight. To access the wisdom that we need, we can turn to observation and experiment in science, and turn to intuition and spontaneous insight in spirituality. It is not a question of turning either to science or to spirituality— we need to turn to both. To find the way forward, we need spirituality open to science, and science open to spirituality. This roadsign points us first to science, and then to the spiritual insight that illuminates and complements science.

2. According to the systems sciences, we are at a “point of bifurcation” — the trajectory of our evolution now has more than one branch. We must choose a branch, because we cannot stay as we are, and cannot go back to where we were. The world around has changed, and some of the change is irreversible. We have to go forward, finding a way that ensures the persistence of the human species and the wellbeing of human beings.

3. The conditions for creating a sustainable world of wellbeing are known to contemporary science, and are known, and are known (and have long been known) to the spiritual traditions. These insights need to be taken into account if we are to thrive, and even just to survive, on Earth.

4. A long-standing insight is rediscovered today in the sciences. This is the insight that the way humankind, and the entire web of life on Earth, is changing is irreversible, but not random. Evolution is a coherent and embracing process. It is not limited to the biology of living species, to changes in the structure of their DNA. The rapid evolution we experience is social, cultural, and ecological, not...