Synergy Circles

The Source of Synergy Foundation organizes Synergy Circle gatherings as part of its mandate to expand synergy among like-minded people seeking to serve the highest good. Many Synergy Circles have been birthed by Evolutionary Leaders choosing to come together among areas of common interest or in local communities.

A Synergy Circle of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle is an independent group of individuals led by two or more members of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle who are inspired by the work of the Source of Synergy Foundation (SOSF) and/or its Evolutionary Leaders (EL) project to join together in synergistic engagement. 


See the latest edition of Synergy Circles in Motion, the Synergy Circles newsletter here!

See interactive Kumu map here (courtesy of Jon Ramer)

Synergy Circles are self-organizing, independent entities. The opinions and offerings of the Synergy Circles do not represent an official position or endorsement by the members of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle or The Source of Synergy Foundation, Inc.


"Serendipities lead to synchronicities. Synchronicities lead to synergies.

Synergies lead to opportunities.

Develop the opportunities skillfully to move toward manifestation!"


The various types of Synergy Circles are listed below:

Thematic Synergy Circles

Local Synergy Circles

Private Synergy Circles


Synergy Circles – Gatherings of the Source of Synergy Foundation

Multiple EL Partner Initiatives


Synergy Circles Coordinator: Dr. Kurt Johnson

Synergy Circles Advisory Team: Robert Atkinson, Jude Currivan, Julie Krull


Thematic Synergy Circles


Artists Catalyzing Evolution ("ACE") Synergy Circle (ELs only)

Purpose: The ACE Synergy Circle serves both as a co-inspire zone for Conscious Artists in the Els and as a place where new creative collaborations can naturally be birthed through the doorway of deepened relationships. While this circle will naturally be comprised of creatives, it can also be a wonderful place for ELs who see The Arts as a powerful and necessary emotion-based vehicle for greater communication, connection and growth.


Founding EL Organizers: Kristin Hoffmann (liaison) and Kaeshi Chai


Founding Synergy Circle Members: Kristin Hoffmann, Kaeshi Chai, Rev. Ivy Hylton, Paulette Pipe, Gary Malkin, Teresa Collins, Rev. Rhetta Morgan, Charles Gibbs, Lisa Engles-Witter, Kwadjo SPiRi, George Cappannelli, Sommer Joy Ramer, Antoinette Rootsdawtah, Kara Stonehouse, and Doug King.



Bio-Cultural Sacred Sites & Sacred Science Synergy Circle

Description: "Bio-Cultural Sacred Sites" is a UNESCO term referring to sites considered "sacred" for either their biological and/or cultural significance. "Sacred Science" refers to ancient and current wisdom and modalities, particularly of indigenous peoples ["modalities" is further defined as "a particular mode in which something exists or is experienced or expressed." [Webster] and which modality may, or may not, be understood by conventional empirical science].


Purposes: The purposes of this Synergy Circle are, initially, (1) to support and nurture Bio-Cultural Sacred Sites worldwide particularly with activities that increase their role in the vitalization of Mother Earth (or "Gaia") and especially in line with activities already initiated by some founding members of this circle (see and (2) to create an effective and influential media narrative with regard the meaning and significance of "Bio-Cultural Sacred Sites and Sacred Science."


Members: The circle is an Open Circle (including ELs and non ELs), by invitation.


There are currently five subcircles, some overlapping in membership, each contributing to a sector of the visioning and planning of the Circle: (1) original founders [Mindahi Bastida, Ken Kitatani, Kurt Johnson, Oscar Miro-Quesada, Duane Elgin, J.J. and Desiree Hurtak, Robert Atkinson]; (2) from the EL Ultra-Violets Synergy Circle [Kurt Johnson, Adam Hall, Lynnaea Lumbard, J.J. Hurtak, Desiree Hurtak, Nina Meyerhof, Oscar-Miro Quesada, Jude Currivan]; (3) the Four Worlds Institute Group [Chief Phil Lane, Chief Dwaine Perry, Linda Bjork, Owl]; (4) the Australian Group [Ben Bowle, Prof. Jim Bowler, Jason Kelly; (5) the Media Group [Kurt Johnson, Robert Atkinson, Ariel Patricia, Karuna]; (6) a diverse assemblage active in Sacred Site work and exploring/building their inter-relations with this Circle, Juan Carlos Kaiten, Diane Haworth, Charles Vog, Aurora Pagonis, Janet Grace Nelson, Ariel Patricia, Janet [Surabhi] Hussman.


Activities: Plans for 2021-22 include events, on-line programming, e-magazine creation and participations, and moving toward a book on the meaning of Sacred Sites (esoterically and exoterically).

Liaisons: Kurt Johnson (lead), Ken Kitatani, Mindahi Bastida Munoz

Founding Members: Kurt Johnson, Ken Kitatani, Mindahi Bastida, J.J. Hurtak, Desiree Hurtak, Oscar Miro-Quesada, Duane Elgin, Ben Bowler

EL Contact: Kurt Johnson 


Bridging Synergy Circle


The purpose of the emerging Bridging Synergy Circle is to engage in a deeper inquiry/conversation into what it means to bridge our divides – consciousness, spiritual, cultural, racial, gender, social, political, economic – within ourselves, our communities, our countries, and in the world.

We explore how we as a learning community use this inquiry to catalyze collective action and/or inform the work we do in the world. The synchronicities in our Circle are leading to synergies and the synergies lead to opportunities. We choose to skillfully and collectively act on those opportunities through sub-groups, partnerships, and/or together as the larger Circle.

Activities: The following strands/potential sub-groups are emerging:

  • Storytelling/media outreach, to explore:

How to hold our evolutionary journey as a consciousness journey

What might we, as ELs, have to offer the broader community – our countries and the world – from the perspective of heart-mind?

How might we write about bridging/healing divides from the vantage of consciousness, of spirit?

How might we outreach to the entertainment industry – writers and producers of movies and television shows – to incorporate bridging language and conscious behavior into storylines that reach vast audiences?

  • Exploring, defining and understanding levels (a continuum, a mandala) of consciousness, and how that relates to collective action
  • Delving into the root causes of the consciousness divide we see today, and how to encourage healing
  • A spiritual inquiry within the EL community

What do we mean by spirit, by consciousness?

How do we understand/work with conflict, as spiritual beings in physical form?

What spiritual technologies or practices might be useful for our group or elsewhere for building healthy bridges?

What are we doing on this planet, what is our role, how do we move to the next level of human expression?

  • Other directions that will emerge.


Members: The circle is an Open Circle (including ELs and non ELs), by invitation.


Liaisons: John Steiner, Sandra de Castro Buffington

Founding Members: Robert Atkinson, Sandra de Castro Buffington, Mark Gerzon, Charles Gibbs, Philip Hellmich, Kurt Johnson, Margo King, Lynnaea Lumbard, Deborah Moldow, Rick Paine, Terry Patten, Jeanne White Eagle Pehrson, John Pehrson, John Steiner, Daniel Stone, Rick Ulfik, Michael Wayne

Structural Note: in accordance with the self-governing provisions of the “Guidelines for Synergy Circles,” the group may choose to have a core “Vision Keepers” group/circle (comprised of the Founding Members and selected others) which will serve to “anchor” the Synergy Circle in the event that many additional members join.

EL Contacts: John Steiner, Sandra de Castro Buffington


Co-creating the Holomovement: Technologies and Social Modalities


Our Synergy Circle has the vision of facilitating and supporting the emergence of technologies and social processes that catalyze humanity into deepening levels of coherence and health through their inherent recognition of life’s unitive nature. Inspired in naming by David Bohm’s concept of the ‘holomovement’ where we can conceive of life as the movement of an ‘undivided whole’, the circle aims to promote the development, resourcing, prototyping and usage of co-creative tools, systems and technologies that can help humanity to experience greater levels of wholeness and interconnection. The circle also shares the vision that as we adopt a more integral map of reality, next generation social tools and technologies will increasingly draw on living systems and biological principles and support the evolution of social organisms, in time leading to the emergence of a planetary superorganism. See our Full Vision Statement here

Administrator(s): Kurt Johnson, Laura George

Liaison(s): Kurt Johnson, Laura George, Jeff Genung

Founding Stewarding Group: ELs Kurt Johnson, Laura George, Juan Carlos Kaiten, Jeff Genung, Andrea Harding, Ole Kjörrefjord, Bret Warshawsky, Stan Prokas, Stephen Dynako, Katie Kennedy

Founding Members: ELs Kurt Johnson, Laura George, Juan Carlos Kaiten, Jeff Genung, Rick Ulfik, Julie Krull, Duane Elgin; Non-ELs Andrea Harding, Ole Kjörrefjord, Bret Warshawsky, Stan Prokas, Steve Truit, Loren Olsen, Carolyn Bumgardner, Harry Uvegi, Katie Kennedy, Kurt Kreuger, Stephen Dynako


Conscious Business Synergy Circle

The Conscious Business Synergy Circle is a global community of business leaders, grounded in the principles of the Conscious Business Declaration, whose purpose is to empower the transformative potential of business to heal the environment, improve human well-being, and increase economic prosperity for the flourishing of all life on Earth.

EL Team: Larry Clay, Marcel Gasser, Steve Farrell, Kurt Johnson, Peter Matthies, Deborah Moldow

2019 Conscious Business World Summit

The Conscious Business World Summit was offered by the Conscious Business Synergy Circle, a joint project of members of Humanity’s Team, the Evolutionary Leaders Circle and UNITY EARTH, March 7-9, 2019. The Circle then produced the first issue of the new magazine imprint Conscious Business



Demetri Argyropoulos * Neil Alcala * Richard Barrett * Linda Bjork * Ben Bowler * Michele Bongiovanni * Rinaldo Brutoco * Kate Buck Jr. * Linda Bjork *Joni Carley * John Clausen * Larry Clay * Kenneth Cloke * Jude Currivan * JoAnna Daum * Stephen Dinan * Jennifer Evans * Justin Faerman * Steve Farrell * Marcel Gasser * Alan Gegenschatz * William Gillingham * Pierre Giraud * Faith Green * Adam Hall * Sean Harvey * David Hofstatter * Ross Hostetter * Kurt Johnson * Aaron Kahlow * Doug King * Margo King * Kanu Kogod * Eve Konstantine * Emanuel Kuntzelman * Chris Laszlo * Ervin Laszlo * Erik Lawyer * Randall Libero * Moses Ma * Peter Matthies * Sarah McCrum * Rod McGrew * Axel Meierhoefer * Shawne Mitchell * Deborah Moldow * Alexis Neeley * Richard Olivier * Aurora Pagonis * Louka Parry * Michele Risa * Derek Rydall * Robert Schram * Gerard Senehi * Beth Shaw * Heather Shea * Laurence Singer * Robert Smith * Anneloes Smitsman * Sergey Solonin * John Steiner * John Stix * Jack Strasburg * David Talmor • Harry Uvegi * Jeff Vander Clute * Chrissy Vanderkooy * Valerie Vandermeer * Charles H. Vogl * Anne-Marie Voorhoeve * Paul Ward * Claudia Welss * Troy Wiley * David Sloan Wilson * Shannon Winters * Tamsin Woolley-Barker

EL Contact: Kurt Johnson 


Contact and Conscious Evolution Synergy Circle


Our purpose is to support and accelerate the conscious evolution of humanity and expansion of human awareness through increasing our individual and collective readiness for overt, ongoing contact with other intelligences in our Cosmic Family. We will do this by:

  1. Going on an adventure into the unknown together to help clarify our relationship with an expansion of human awareness and our connection to a greater ecology of a Universal Mind. This could include creating a map inclusive of the invisible world, of the “field state” vs. the “particle state” we are living in.
  2. Holding Deep Dialogues to understand phenomena outside of our current worldview.
  3. Drawing upon both ancient wisdom (including indigenous origin stories) and new ways of knowing to restore the timeless knowledge of the interconnectivity between Earth and intelligences in other locations and realms of existence.
  4. Exploring our cosmic evolutionary consciousness and innate higher abilities through individual and collective practices and sharing these “tools” with others. This could include developing our connection with subtle realms and the non-local mind so we can more easily receive and send information from the greater consciousness fields.
  5. Advancing our heart development so that we can access vast and extremely powerful subtle dimensions of the Universe through our intention to increase Cosmic love, compassion, coherence, connection, collaboration and understanding.
  6. Sharing contact stories and pertinent information that we receive from those contacts.
  7. Supporting people as they go through shifts in mass consciousness and worldviews.
  8. Exploring the nature of Spiritual Reality and Spiritual Agency
  9. Supporting a new set of narratives about Contact that would include the whole pantheon of the Unknown.
  10. Researching what the mainstream media and governments are ignoring or avoiding, including individuals interacting with phenomena and bringing new and original perspectives to light.
  11. Putting out statements, magazines, posts, websites, books, podcasts, blogs, programs etc. that are easily expressed to the larger population.
  12. Presenting to the public our collective evaluation of the human and non-human interface, which can broaden the scope of consciousness and evolve our collective awareness to integrate an expanded cosmology, biology, technology and diversity of life itself.

The results of these 12 Mission factors are for the hope of awakening humanity to its greater potentials.

Founding Members: 

Bob Atkinson, Lawrence Bloom, Gregg Braden, Constance Buffalo, Jude Currivan, Duane Elgin, Marcel Gasser, Olivia Hansen, Desiree Hurtak, James J. (J.J.) Hurtak, Kurt Johnson, Juan Carlos Kaiten, Margo King, Ken Kitatani, Eve Konstantine, Emanuel Kuntzelman, Barbara Layton, Joe Martino, Nina Meyerhof, Oscar Miro-Quesada, Deborah Moldow, Karen Noe, James O’Dea, Jeanne White Eagle Pehrson, John Pehrson, Mitchell J. Rabin, Elisabet Sahtouris, Denise Scotto, Anneloes Smitsman, John Steiner, Alan Steinfeld, Jeff Vander Clute, Alberto Villoldo, Claudia Welss, Diane Williams, Ashley Young

EL Contact: Desiree Hurtak, Alan Steinfeld, Diane Williams

Introductory video:


CORNERSTONES: Changing Consciousness for an Equitable/Sustainable Future


Gathering themes from across the Synergy Circles, it is based on the generally recognized four foundations for a partnership civilization, four interconnected foundations or cornerstones that determine if a social system is either more partnership-oriented, or dominance-oriented.

The first cornerstone is childhood: Neuroscience shows that what children experience and observe, especially in their first 5 years, shapes nothing less than the architecture of our brains, and with this, how we feel, think, and act – including how we vote. So how children are raised is a key social issue.

The second cornerstone is the attitude toward gender: We’ve been taught this is just a secondary “women’s issue,” but it’s a key social issue. Ranking the male form over the female form of our species is a template for equating all differences with superiority or inferiority, dominating or being dominated, being served or serving -- a model for in-group versus out-group prejudices: racism, anti-Semitism, and so-forth. Moreover, traits and activities that in domination systems are associated with real masculinity, such as conquest and domination, are ranked over those stereotypically associated with femininity, such as caring—be it for children in families or caring for our natural life-support systems. This negatively affects everyone, and must be transformed.

The third cornerstone is economics: Current economic systems, both capitalist and socialist, follow this gendered system of values, failing to adequately reward the work of caring for people and caring for nature in ways that put food on the table and a roof over people’s head. That’s why we urgently need a new caring economics of partnerism.

The fourth cornerstone is story and language: Many normative stories, whether original sin or selfish genes, present violence and domination as normal and inevitable -- despite the evidence from neuroscience to the contrary. Not only that, the social categories provided by our languages fragment our consciousness, marginalizing or ignoring the majority of humanity: women and children. We must transform these as well.

Founding EL Organizers: Riane Eisler, Kurt Johnson

Administrator: Kurt Johnson

Liaison to the Evolutionary Leaders: Kurt Johnson

Founding Synergy Circle Members (or members as of application)

Julie Krull, Jennifer Hill, Scott Carlin, Diane Williams, Anne-Marie Voorhoeve, Emanuel Kuntzelman, Laura George, Doug King, Denise Scotto, Jon Ramer, Nina Meyerhof, Ken Kitatani, Jude Currivan, Robert Atkinson, Rick Ulfik, Audrey Kitagawa, Sharon Hamilton-Getz

More members are welcome to this Open Circle.


Ecological Civilization Synergy Circle

Purpose: To form a Synergy Circle for content/vision discussion and action steps regarding all aspects of “An Ecological Civilization” noting especially three subthemes: the implications regarding “Culture”, “Environment” and “Economics.” To build this discussion outward, from vision to action steps, through any number of appropriate working groups and subgroups. The Circle particularly emphasizes the collective work of The Great Turning: and the ongoing work of this collective with the various other eco-related action areas of the Evolutionary Leaders and their Synergy Circles.

Activities: This circle hosted the “Humanity’s Moment of Choice: Choosing Earth” VoiceAmerica Special for 2022 Earth Day, featuring ELs Duane Elgin, David Korten, Jude Currivan, Laura George, Scott Catamas, and Mitchell J. Rabin, also with Karuna and Beth Shaw, hosted by ELs Deborah Moldow and Kurt Johnson:

Founding EL Organizers:  Ken Kitatani, Kurt Johnson, Bob Atkinson, Duane Elgin, Jude Currivan, Rick Ulfik

Administrators: Ken Kitatani, Kurt Johnson, Richard Clugston
Liaisons to the Evolutionary Leaders: Kurt JohnsonKen Kitatani


Ecospirituality and Planetary Civilization: An "Eco-Collaboratory"

Purpose: This Circle and Collaboratory joins the original Ecospirituality Synergy Circle with additional circles that have joined to create an ‘eco-collaboratory” (already reflected in our public Video Playlists:

Listed below are the collaborating circles, in alphabetical order after the entry for the original Circle.

Original Ecospirituality Synergy Circle: Flagship activities of this circle are the annual (since 2018) Rome/Assisi Conference on Spirituality and Sustainability with the Vatican Dicastery for Laudato Si (, and others and experiential ecospirituality activities and retreats with various Retreat Centers. It has a Holomovement Holon Project entitled: annual Conference on Spirituality and Sustainability at

Choosing Earth (and Earth Voice): The Choosing Earth Project recognizes the world confronts much more than a climate crisis; we face a whole systems crisis that includes the mass extinction of species, growing shortages of fresh water, extreme inequities of wealth and well-being, and much more. Here are the four perspectives the Choosing Earth Project brings together… READ MORE: Earth Voice is an inclusive response to four self-evident truths: communication is the lifeblood of human civilization; moe than half of humanity now has access to internet; we face critical challenges and choices for the well-being of earth; we can begin respectful communication about our common future… READ MORE Choosing Earth has a Holomovemnt Holon Project of the same name at:

EARTHwise Centre. EARTHwise is a collaborative ecosystem for co-creating thrivable worlds and futures. Our guiding principles and values are described in our EARTHwise Constitution and Pledges for a planetary civilization. Together we develop our capacities as Wholeness Coders, Future Creatives, Evolutionary Catalysts, Pattern Weavers, and New Paradigm Storytellers of an emerging new era. Our commitment is to: enable transformation for our collective well being, the regeneration of our planet, and the maturation of our species; shift trajectories of collapse and violence by transforming the mechanistic systems and harmful Moloch game-dynamics of the sustainability crisis; architect and build the new operating systems for living in harmony with our planet for generations to come; and Become EARTHwise. READ MORE:

Earth StewardHeirShip: Our purpose is to develop programs and publications that help inspire, enable, and empower individuals, organizations, and communities to practice Earth StewardHeirShip as we more effectively honor, protect, and help regenerate Earth, our shared common home. StewardHeirShip encompasses alignment with Spirit, Service, Stewardship, and Conscious Sustainable Living. Our inspired action project is to publish and produce multimedia content including How-To-Guidebooks based on the work of John B. Cobb. We are inspired by the relevance of John B. Cobb's teachings and the Living Earth Movement he inspired, their potential to effect a shift in planetary consciousness, and how they could help support the aims of the Holomovement.

Founding EL Organizers of the Original Synergy Circle:  Ken Kitatani, Kurt Johnson, Bob Atkinson, Duane Elgin, Jude Currivan, Rick Ulfik

Administrators: Ken Kitatani, Kurt Johnson, Richard Clugston, Sharon Hamilton Getz

Liaisons to the Evolutionary Leaders: Kurt Johnson, Ken Kitatani

Founding Synergy Circle Members (or members as of application July 2022) [Note: this list includes several previous sponsors and participants in the Rome-Assisi Conferences]: Ken Kitatani, Kurt Johnson, Duane Elgin, Bob Atkinson, Ben Bowler, Jude Currivan, Rick Ulfik, Sharon Hamilton Getz, Peter Blaze Corcoran, Patrick Carolan, Elizabeth Ferrero

Added Collaboratory Members 2024: Anneloes Smitsman, Charles Betterton, Jon Ramer, Tamsin Woolley-Barker, Harry Uvegi


Education Synergy Circle

Purposes: The purpose of the Education Circle is to gather persons from across the diverse meanings and activities of "Education" and discover thematic and action areas from which can emerge tangible plans toward collective "products" like discussions, conferences, events, initiatives, media and so on.


Members: It is an "Open Circle" open. There is an Application to join the Circle. This is a diverse discussion which, to date, has resulted in multiple subgroups strategizing varied and diverse activities. Subgroups continue to expand with new Circle members. From this diversity the Circle searches also for common themes and actions areas in which it can collectively participate, especially through media. The Application to join the circle provides additional details.


Subcircle Activities: Currently the Circle contains twelve subcircle initiatives: new advances in humanist education [Ken Kitatani and Mindahi Bastida, with Scott Carlin, Gaston Meskons and Silke Van Cleuvenbergen; concepts of planetary education [Gordon Dveirin and Scott Alan Carlin]; education around the UN SDG's [Kurt Johnson and Scott Alan Carlin with Richard Bowell and Kay Dundorf]; education around Laudato Si [Ken Kitatani, Mindahi Bastida and Kurt Johnson], education media development [Jon Ramer, Bob Jayco]; education centered on works of [Rick Ulfik], One Humanity Institute [Nina Meyerhof and Domen Kocevar], Friends of the IONS [Kurt Johnson, Rick Ulfik, J.J. and Desiree Hurtak and Alan Steinfeld], and the Academy for Future Science [J.J. and Desiree Hurtak]; Earth Constitution and global structural change [Kurt Johnson and Rick Ulfik with Glen Martin, Laura George, Ariel Patricia, Robert Levine and Gina Mazza]; Atlas Hugged counterproposal to Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged [David Sloan Wilson, Kurt Johnson, Lynnaea Lumbard, Elisabet Sahtouris, Michael Wayne, and Jeffrey Genung]; Global Unitive Healing [Robert Atkinson, Kurt Johnson, Claudia Welss, Elena Mustakova, Ariel Patricia]. In 2022 a "Holo-Education" subcircle was formed to (1) publish a Spotlight section in the Holomovement book, and (2) advise the website team on education content. Its members include Jude Currivan, Brian Russo, Rick Clugston, Gordon Dveirin, Wendy Ellyatt, Nina Meyerhof, and Robert Atkinson.


Circle Activities: The Circle sponsored a 2019 event for the United Nations NGO community at Sukyo Mahikari Center on new advances in humanist and planetary education. It published in 2021 a free e-book Universal Principles and Action Steps a compendium of published statements re: same from global leaders and organizations since the 20th Century. Members regularly collaborate in diverse social media education programs with EL Jon Ramer's Synergized Impact Network Exchange.

Founding EL Organizers: Kurt Johnson, Ken Kitatani, Jon Ramer

Original Founding Members: 

Kurt Johnson, Ken Kitatani, Jon Ramer, Nina Meyerhof, Domen Kocevar, J.J. Hurtak, Desiree Hurtak, Mindahi Bastida, Rick Ulfik, Gaston Meskins, Silke Van Cleuvenbergen, Scott Alan Carlin, Richard Bowell, Michael Shewchuk, Kay Dundorf, Bob Jayco

EL Contact: Kurt Johnson 


Integral and Wholistic Cosmologies Synergy Circle

Purpose: The purpose of the Circle is for content/vision discussion and action steps regarding all aspects of “Integral and Wholistic Cosmologies.” To build this discussion outward, from vision to action steps, through any number of appropriate working groups and subgroups.


Administrator: Kurt Johnson

Liaisons: Kurt Johnson, Jude Currivan, Doug King


Founding Steering Group: Kurt Johnson, Robert Atkinson, Jude Currivan, Doug King, Jeff Genung, Bret A. Warshawsky and Elena Mustakova 

Founding Members: Jude Currivan, Robert Atkinson, Doug King, Ken Wilber, David Sloan Wilson, Paul Atkins, Jeff Genung, Duane Elgin, Bret A. Warshawsky

Subcircle: Integral and Spiral Dynamics Discussion Group

Purpose: Initially two: (1) discussion of experiences with and recommendations about the efficacy of Integral and Spiral Dynamics models in our work and passion areas; (2) creation of documents (and other media) re: the foundational nature of Integral and Spiral Dynamics models to the vision and mission of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle.


Doug King, Kanu Kogod, Kurt Johnson (liaisons); Anne-Marie Voorhoeve, Jude Currivan, Ken Wilber, John Clausen, Larry Clay, Laura George, Laura Rose, Marilyn Hamilton, Julie Krull, Emanuel Kuntzelman, Peter Matthies, Steve Farrell, Lynnaea Lumbard, Anneloes Smitsman, John Steiner, Margo King, Claudia Welss, Nomi Naeem, David Riordan, Brian Russo, Eli Kline, Harry Uvegi


Intersubjectivity, Transition & Convergence Synergy Circle


This is a Private Synergy Circle [meeting as of June 2024 for about 4 months] and currently made up principally of leaders/ event-planners/ authors very well connected with networks and leaders currently outside the immediate constituency of the Evolutionary Leaders. They have found our community and wish to work with us to identify opportunities and priorities for connecting the important transformational work of the EL Community and its Synergy Circles and Collaboratories with similar ventures in other networks and those networks’ leaders.

Our announcing this Circle is a bit like saying: “We know about you, ELs, so now we also want you to know about us”.

Our primary modality is talking deeply about our own leadership and transformational experiences and identifying areas and opportunities where the valuable work of the EL Community can be further shared outward, especially toward partnering with other networks and leaders. Based on this, the Circle might decide to also expand as “serendipity” and “synchronicity” lead us to further fellow travelers.


Administrator: Kurt Johnson, Doug King

Liaisons: Kurt Johnson


Founding Synergy Circle Members: Roger Briggs, Emily DeMoor, Kurt Johnson, Connie Kaplan, Doug King



Life Economy Circle


Activities: With an initial focus on China and an eye toward activating unity consciousness, the Life Economy Circle will raise awareness of life-giving opportunities, build relationships across nations, and advance a shift from a death economy to a life economy, resulting in a global Culture of Peace.

Administrators: David Wick, Tezekiah Gabriel

Liaisons: Kurt Johnson, John Perkins

Founding Synergy Circle Members: Susan Belchamber, Steve Bhaerman, Joni Carley, Scott A. Carlin, Kaeshi Chai, Tezekiah Gabriel, Sheri Herndon, Kurt Johnson, John Perkins, Elisabet Sahtouris, John Steiner, David Wick, Diane Williams


Media Synergy Circle

Administrators: Alan Steinfeld, Desiree Hurtak, Kit Thomas 


Media is the key to reaching out to the world around us. This Synergy Circle is composed of those who have worked in the production end of media and are able to produce projects not just amongst themselves, but for the benefit of the Evolutionary Leaders around the world. Our definition of Media includes all forms of social media as well as books, videos, music/sound and more.


This Circle purposes to bring together the possibility of media activities from diverse members of the Evolutionary Leaders and others interested in the interface/ relationship of Media in terms of outreach as generally defined above. To further this purpose, the Circle will create an “Archive” of materials across various constituencies in order to bring to the public the productive dialogue and images that can fulfill our EL mission which is “to explore ideas, perspectives and modalities that support an evolutionary worldview…We seek to make insights that emerge from our exploration accessible to the public through diverse media, educational, and other relevant platforms.”

Specifically, this Circle notes the following “constituencies” within the Evolutionary Leaders currently representing varied elements of this discussion: including, but not limited to,

· New Realities on YouTube

· Circle of Wisdom

· Academy For Future Science

· A Better World

· America Meditating

· Voice America Radio

· Light on Light Magazine

We also endeavor to utilize the other media assets and sources.

Original Founding Members (many others to be invited): Alan Steinfeld, J. J. Hurtak, Desiree Hurtak, Kit Thomas, Téana David, Bob Atkinson, Mitchell Rabin, Sister Jenna, Kurt Johnson

EL Contact: Desiree Hurtak, Kit Thomas


Partnership Consciousness, Gender Equity and Reconciliation Synergy Circle

Purpose: Working from universally important themes regarding partnership consciousness, the problem of dominance hierarchies in all their dimensions, and the challenges of gender equity and reconciliation, and related issues, from the prominent work of the Circle’s Founders and their many allies joining the Circle, this Circle will vision, support and effectuate any and all activities that inform, inspire, and/or synergize actions with regard to these crucially important themes.

Administrators: Kurt Johnson with Will Keepin and Cynthia Brix

Liaison(s) to the Evolutionary Leaders: As above.

Founding Synergy Circle Members: Dr. Riane Eisler, Dr. Will Keepin, Rev. Cynthia Brix, Dr. Kurt Johnson


Science & Spirituality Synergy Circle

The purpose of the Science and Spirituality Circle is to create a dynamic discussion on how best to serve our global need to integrate humanity's "inner" and "outer" ways of knowing. Thus, the title of the Circle is stated simply.

It is an "Open Circle" open to ELs and non-ELs. There is an Application to join the Circle. This is a diverse discussion, including historical and current aspects, the ranges from "hard" to "soft" science, and the diversity of the world's spiritual traditions and science's knowledge of "subtle realms." The Application to join the circle provides much more detailed language concerning these multiple aspects. The circle is "product"-oriented, desiring through its collective assets to create discussions, conferences, events, initiatives, media and so on.

Currently the Circle contains multiple components looking together toward production of a collective product elaborating the frontiers of the current global "science and spirituality" discussion. Components currently include EL adepts of The Galileo Report [EL Hugo Francone and others], Evolutionary and Prosocial Theory [ELs David Sloan Wilson and Kurt Johnson], Climate Change, Ecospirituality and Sustainability [ELs Mundahi Bastida, Ken Kitatani, Kurt Johnson], Holographic Universe and Whole-World View [EL Jude Currivan], work of the Institute of Noetic Sciences [EL Claudia Welss] and Chopra Foundation and Chopra Global [EL Deepak Chopra], the vision of Choosing Earth [ELs Duane Elgin, Jude Currivan, Ben Bowler, Emanuel Kuntzelman, Jon Ramer, Kurt Johnson], and, in general, Integral Theory & Spiral Dynamics and anomalous and frontier phenomena across Science and Spirituality. It also contains a subgroup exploring the spiritual lives of scientists [including ELs Claudia Welss, Jude Currivan, Robert Atkinson, Kurt Johnson, Duane Elgin, Rick Ulfik, Kristin Hoffman, J. J.Hurtak, Desiree Hurtak, Mitchell Rabin & Alan Steinfeld, and EL Synergy Circle members Ron Friedman, Victoria Friedman, Robert Levine and Paul J. Mills]. 

In 2019 the Circle sponsored an event at the United Nations Church Center reporting on David Sloan Wilson and Kurt Johnson's recent discussions with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Prosocial Commons Groups: The Circle has created two official “Groups” within the “Prosocial Commons” online platform of the Evolution-Institute noted just above. Their goal is to identify and effectuate collaboration between science and spirituality in that context. There are 12 EL members and 17 non-ELs in these Groups (too numerous to list here). They meet weekly on Zoom to identify directions and opportunities. Contact

Founding EL Organizers: Kurt Johnson, Claudia Welss, Hugo Francone  


Founding Synergy Circle Members: Kurt Johnson, Claudia Welss, Hugo Francone, David Sloan Wilson, Jude Currivan, J. J. Hurtak, Desiree Hurtak, Ciro Gabriel Avruj, Ken Kitatani, Mindahi Bastida, Elisabet Sahtouris

EL Contact: Kurt Johnson 


SDG Thought Leaders Synergy Circle

The SDG Thought Leaders Synergy Circle is an "Open Circle" (open to EL's and non EL's). With some 90 members the Circle was initiated to create and nurture a broad and robust discussion of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) with other organizations and NGO's both within and outside the global United Nations community.

An extensive website about the Circle was created including description of the Circle's mission, goals & strategy; participants; activities; and participant commentary and contributions. It is located at

Along with the larger membership there are two EL Coordinator/Liaisons, Dr. Kurt Johnson and Daniel Stone, supported by two core group founding members, Gregg Braden and Jude Currivan, and two EL/SOSF Advisors, Diane Williams and Deborah Moldow.

For more information, or to join, inquire to or

EL Coordinators/Liaisons: Kurt Johnson, Daniel Stone

Subcircle Initiative: The “Unitive Cluster,” an official UN NGO Thematic Cluster under the United Nations NGO Major Group. Founded in 2022 by 16 UN NGO’s and with a mailing list of @70, participants in the Unitive Cluster are working at the United Nations to convene and intervene at the United Nations on behalf of unity. For inquiries contact


Unitive Justice and Global Security Synergy Circle


Consciousness evolves toward an increasingly comprehensive and coherent understanding of justice and oneness. This evolution is a dialectic between individual and collective, not simply the sum total of individual evolution. Therefore, as we work toward the evolution of consciousness, it is essential to engage the socio-historical structures that scaffold it.

While the world is still steeped in a 17th century frame of reference that emphasizes national sovereignty, borders, and nationalist militarism, we are witnessing a massive and growing worldwide awakening to our spiritual reality of interdependence, and a growing push toward peaceful governance that reflects and protects the spirit of all life. Our biggest challenge is to lead the way and to mobilize all available resources toward the creation of the next level of evolutionary global governance.

With that challenge in mind, the purpose of the Unitive Justice and Global Security Synergy Circle is to articulate an evolutionary spiritual understanding of the practical steps involved in moving from a world organized around the power to dominate to a world organized around the power to protect and steward the spirit of life.

This Synergy Circle will engage in a broad educational effort to cultivate understanding of what unitive justice may look like amidst our existential climate and political crisis, why it requires a federalist international structure, and how this structure can gradually and effectively subsume the task of the protection of peace and planetary life through a global force which frees humanity from military competition in the creation of ever more sophisticated weapons of destruction. It will articulate the integrative spiritual principles that underly unitive justice and human security, and that must become embedded in education on every level.

This effort is our contribution to the global push toward the next level of human social organization that can scaffold the path to universal peace.

Finally, the creation of this circle recognizes the upcoming 2023 United Nations Summit of the Future as an opportunity to make a vigorous contribution to the strengthening of civil society’s ability to bring about the transformation of the United Governments Organisation that it currently is in practice to the United Nations that the founders had envisioned. ( )

Founding EL Organizers:

EL Administrators: Kurt Johnson, Scott Alan Carlin

Note: Jon Ramer and Ben Bowler are admin’s of the thematically related “Unity & Peace Synergy Circle (and among the Founding Members here)

Non-EL Adminstrator: Elena Mustakova

Liaison to the Evolutionary Leaders: Kurt Johnson

Founding Synergy Circle Members (or members as of application)

Audrey Kitagawa, Kurt Johnson, Jude Currivan, Scott Alan Carlin, Robert Atkinson Diane Williams, Dot Maver, Jeff Genung, David Sloan Wilson, Paul Atkins, John Steiner, Margo King, Jonathan Granoff, Elena Mustakova

Others from the EL Unity & Peace Circle: Jon Ramer, Ben Bowler


Unitive Earth Governance Collaborative

Unitive Earth Governance Collaborative is a collective of several Synergy Circles of the Evolutionary Leaders and their, and other, Holomovement Holon Projects ( “HYLO” icon) all of which promote a range of initiatives relating to earth- an eco-governance.

This Collaborative has been invited to sit on the council (as a co-sponsoring association) of [“MEGA”]. MEGA “Strengthening global governance to protect the environment” is “a coalition of civil society organizations working in cooperation with like-minded governments and other stakeholders to strengthen environmental governance.” See “Co-Sponsoring Organizations” at

Collaborative Members include: these Synergy Circles of the Evolutionary Leaders (

Cornerstones: Changing Consciousness for an Equitable/Sustainable Future Synergy Circle; SDG Thought Leaders Synergy Circle; Ecospirituality and Planetary Civilization Synergy Circle; Unitive Justice and Global Security Synergy Circle; and their related Holomovement Holon Projects ( “HYLO” Icon): Campaign for the Heart of the World, Choosing Earth, Conference on Spirituality and Sustainability, Deep and Rapid Transformation, Earth Steward-Heir-Ship, Holomovement Prosocial Nexus, IntegralLight Institute, Living in Wholeness, Cornerstones Circle, One Humanity Initiative, Peace on Earth by 2030, The Foundational Questions of Our Time, The Life Economy Holon Project, The Peace Holon Project, and he Unitive Education Collaboratory.

Collaborative Administrator: Elena Mustakova

Liaison to the Evolutionary Leaders: Kurt Johnson 

With the Unitive Justice and Global Security Synergy Circle

Founding Synergy Circle Members; Audrey Kitagawa, Kurt Johnson, Jude Currivan, Scott Alan Carlin, Robert Atkinson Diane Williams, Dot Maver, Jeff Genung, David Sloan Wilson, Paul Atkins, John Steiner, Margo King, Jonathan Granoff, Elena Mustakova


unitive narrative Synergy Circle (private)






Purpose: To synergize and disseminate unitive narrative throughout the Els community and across synergy circles, and beyond with active allies and through content and multimedia campaigns, to do so globally.

Founding EL Organizers: Jennifer Hill, Kurt Johnson

Administrators: non-EL Brian Russo, Kurt Johnson

Liaison to the Evolutionary Leaders: Jennifer Hill

Founding Synergy Circle MembersBob Atkinson, Teresa Collins, Jude Currivan, Adam Hall, Jennifer Hill, Kurt Johnson, Julie Krull, Brian Russo, Anne-Marie Voorhoeve

Unity & Peace Synergy Circle


UNITY & PEACE Synergy Circle

Purpose: The purpose of the UNITY & PEACE Synergy Circle is to build greater alliances between individuals, groups and “groups of groups” working together for unity and peace on Earth.

Founding EL Organizers: Ben Bowler, Jon Ramer

Administrators: Ben Bowler, Jon Ramer

Liaison to the Evolutionary Leaders: Ben Bowler 

Founding Synergy Circle MembersJon Ramer, Ben Bowler, Kurt Johnson, Deborah Moldow, Rick Ulfik


Vision and Message of the Holomovement Synergy Circle


Inspired by American physicist David Bohm’s philosophy of the holomovement, the Vision and Message of the Holomovement Synergy Circle creates a space enabling like-minded (and like-spirited) people to come together in radical and loving collaboration to create a global shift in consciousness, while honoring the autonomy of each of our purpose-driven callings.

This Synergy Circle is an organic and shared creative process between members of this circle and fellow communities to support the important work being done for the good of the whole. We endeavor to share resources, ideas and engage in thoughtful dialogue on how we can each take action to support this growing movement of movements that we call the Holomovement and bring cosmic unity into mainstream culture.

This Synergy Circle will also work closely with the "Co-creating the Holomovement: Technologies and Social Modalities" Synergy Circle.

Founding EL Organizers: Kurt Johnson, Emanuel Kuntzelman

Administrators:  Kurt JohnsonEmanuel Kuntzelman, Bob Atkinson

Liaison to the Evolutionary Leaders:  Kurt Johnson 

Founding Synergy Circle MembersEmanuel Kuntzelman, Duane Elgin, Kurt Johnson, Bob Atkinson, Jude Currivan, Laura Rose, Julie Krull, William Keepin, Deborah Moldow, Jill Robinson, Masen Ewald, Nomi Naeem


Wholistic Design and Bio-Mimicry Synergy Circle

Purpose: Wholistic Design is a discipline that encompasses any methodology that focuses on the interconnected and interdependent nature of all things to inform the rules and processes of design. Models are generated on a foundation of ecocentrism which places everything that is and sustains life, at the center of the value system. Consistent with this, biomimicry is the emulation of the models, systems, and elements of nature to address complex human questions and challenges. Combining current philosophical, scientific, and energetic understandings of the universe, human-designed systems can be made to comply with the same principles as natural ones, which have the complexity and precision of billions of years of evolution. 

Founding EL Organizers: Kurt Johnson, Jude Currivan, David Sloan Wilson, Paul Atkins, Jeff Genung

Administrators:  Kurt Johnson (with Paul Atkins

Liaison to the Evolutionary Leaders:  Kurt Johnson [with Paul Atkins];  non EL Liaison, Harry Uvegi

Founding Synergy Circle Members: Kurt Johnson, Jude Currivan, David Sloan Wilson, Paul Atkins, Jeff Genung, Tamsin Woolley-Barker, Harry Uvegi, Eli Kline, Brian Russo, Sheri Herndon


Yoga and Spiritual Practice

Purpose: Realizing that “Yoga” and “Spiritual Practice” are extremely broad terms, this Circle’s initial purposes will be: (1) to understand and “map” the breadth of spiritual practice engagement across the Evolutionary Leaders (ELs) Circle and the EL Synergy Circles, (2) assess the potentials for sharing, cross-pollination, and mutual media opportunities for promulgating the messages from these areas of spiritual practice engagement, (3) understanding and promoting the relationship of these with other Synergy Circles engaged in spiritual practice understanding and activities (e.g. Bio-cultural Sacred Sites and Sacred Science, and Science and Spirituality), and (4) especially in light of the annual International Day of Yoga, and the wide breadth of Yoga-related activities in which many ELs are engaged, especially assess and effectuate the further relationship of the ELs to Yoga and Yoga Communities worldwide.

Founding EL Organizers: Denise Scotto, Kurt Johnson, Jude Currivan, David Sloan Wilson, Paul Atkins, Jeff Genung

Administrators: Denise Scotto (UN IDY), Kurt Johnson (Interspiritual Dialogue Network), Jeff Genung (Contemplative Life)

Liaison to the Evolutionary Leaders:  Kurt Johnson

Founding Synergy Circle Members

Denise Scotto, Kurt Johnson, Jeff Genung, Sister Jenna, Loch Kelly, Alfredo Sfeir-Younis, Mussie Hailu, John Clausen, Karuna, Shannon Marie Winters, Gayatri Naraine, Denis Licul, Sandra (Chamatkara) Simon, Ariel Patricia.


Denise Scotto, Kurt Johnson, Jeff Genung, Sister Jenna, Loch Kelly, Alfredo Sfeir-Younis, Mussie Hailu, John Clausen, Karuna, Shannon Marie Winters, Gayatri Naraine, Denis Licul, Sandra (Chamatkara) Simon, Ariel Patricia, Rajashree Maa (Joni Dittrich).


Local Synergy Circles


Colorado Synergy Circle 

The Colorado Evolutionary Leaders – A Synergy Circle of the Evolutionary Leaders was formed following the 2019 Evolutionary Leaders Advance in Loveland, Colorado. The original meeting included: Olivia Hansen, David Karchere, Margo King, Erik Lawyer, Deb Sandella, John Steiner, and Steve Farrell. The planned framework for quarterly meetings includes a check-in, local and global EL updates, an education and idea exchange, a forum for professional, personal and/or collective topics, and plans for the following meeting. 

The group is considering a protocol for inviting others to become part of it, and plans to broadly adhere to a process to make sure meetings are meaningful and memorable.

EL Contact: Steve Farrell


New York Synergy Circle

EL Contact: Denise Scotto


Santa Barbara Synergy Circle

The Santa Barbara Council

The Santa Barbara Council was formed in 2018 by Adam Hall and Barbara Marx Hubbard. Upon Barbara’s passing Justin Faerman became co-steward of the council. Currently the council is made up of 24 members of the Santa Barbara and Ojai communities. There are 20 members that belong to Evolutionary Leaders Circle. We anticipate that the council will grow in the coming months and years.

The Council was formed with the original intent to gather and activate the local evolutionaries. It began as an experiment to explore what an evolutionary community could look and feel like. Currently we meet every other month on the land where we break bread and celebrate in our shared community. This is followed by an un-facilitated salon. The council is diverse in age. The members represent 6 decades, 20’s to 70’s. There are a whole host of genius from media, tech, business, teachers, journalists, activists, Woman Leadership, Male Leadership, authors, speakers, publishers and more.

The primary object of the community is practice being together in the “we” field. We have created a container that supports a sacred agreement space of honoring, mutual respect and Love. We think locally, act locally, while being global. We are in the process establishing a new set of principals for the emergent new earth. These principals and ethos are earth based, heart centered and foster inclusivity, empowerment and sovereignty. They support innovation and recognization of the create genius that all humans share. The council is creating the architecture for a new meeting place in the higher Mind (evolutionary community). In addition the community serves to support each member in their vocational work around the globe.

Please feel free to contact Adam Hall should you have questions.


Co-Stewards – Adam Hall and Justin Faerman

David Hofstatter, Téana David, Kit Thomas, Holly Odneal, Meghan McDonald, Charlene Sansone, Rinaldo Brutoco, Trina Wyatt, Lori Leyden, Mikki Willis, Eve Konstantine, Nancy McGrath, Katherine Collis, Sara Avant Stover, Barbara Fields, Roger Collis, Jackie Knechtel, Jack Canfield, Carlen Young, Carl Palmer, Peter Matthies, Jurrian Kamp

EL Contact: Adam Hall


Private Synergy Circles

The Ashland Group

The Ultra Violets

The Silver Loominaries


Synergy Circles – Gatherings of the Source of Synergy Foundation


IONS Post-Conference Playshop - July 2019

Synergy Fusion Fest

Findhorn Synergy Circle - October 2018 

Co-Creating with the Intelligence of Nature

Oakland Synergy Circle - Oct. 16, 2017

Multigenerational Leadership Exchange

Santa Barbara Synergy Circle - Oct. 16, 2017

Washington, D.C. Synergy Circle - Nov. 5-6, 2016 

Lift Up the Soul of America

Santa Fe Synergy Circle - June 2015

European Synergy Circle – January 2015


Multiple EL Partner Initiatives


The Holomovement

The holomovement is a unifying world view for conscious collaboration accessing the interconnectedness of all things in the universe. It is the rallying cry for radical collaboration, a social movement aligning each of our diverse purpose-driven efforts with a unifying worldview. It's a call to unity, not uniformity. Guided by science and spirituality, the Holomovement invites you to join in this collective journey toward unity and social transformation.

EL Contact: Emanuel Kuntzelman


New Stories

Change your story, change what’s possible. NewStories helps people, communities, organizations and systems flourish in these chaotic times of collapse and transformation. NewStories shares insights and knowledge, develops practices, processes and structures, and offers services and partnerships to help create the lives, communities and the future we want to live into, now. We provide facilitation and consulting services – virtual as well as face-to-face--to groups and communities using participatory processes to create new visions and new strategies for action towards regenerating community. We initiate and support projects that are aligned with our purpose. And we help make sense of these times by curating resources and more comprehensive stories of how we can thrive as human beings sharing this planet and its abundance with each other.

EL Contact: Lynnaea Lumbard


Peace On Earth 2030

What if enough people playing a game could heal that which divides us in our communities and create peace on earth by the end of the decade?

EL Contact: David Gershon


SINE (Synergized Impact Network Exchange)

SINE (Synergized Impact Network Exchange) is a global alliance of social innovators committed to large-scale behavior change through collaborative learning, innovation, and unprecedented unified action.

EL Contact: Jon Ramer



UNITY EARTH brings together diverse groups for events that have the potential to accelerate the realization of unity and peace on Earth. We are currently in the midst of The Road to 2020, an global event series that has included gatherings in Africa, India, Australia, Canada, USA, the Middle East and more since 2016.

EL Contact: Ben Bowler