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RT : ⏰ The clock is ticking! We are entering the “official” last hours of , but we are still without a strong draf… months 2 weeks ago
RT : Hello welcome to - will you finally SHOW US THE MONEY? The US spent $9B on fossil fuels in Africa s… months 3 weeks ago
This story makes me annoyed months 3 weeks ago
RT : All eyes on Judges may halt tomorrow - the pipeline violates local & international law, threatens… months 3 weeks ago
Climate change is drowning Tuvalu! Join an urgent call from this tiny Pacific island fighting for survival. Togethe… months 3 weeks ago
Amnesty, Yes—And Here is the Price months 6 hours ago
After a bogus trial, Amal was just convicted to death by stoning for adultery. With a massive global outcry we can… months 2 weeks ago
Trailer: The Real Anthony Fauci months 2 weeks ago
Rockets are exploding around a huge nuclear compound in Ukraine. But bombing a nuclear plant isn’t explicitly banne… year 1 month ago
A Call To Ban Glyphosate and other Chemical Desiccants - Sign the Petition! via 1 year 2 months ago