December Check-In

For obvious reasons, December is the perfect time of year for us each to do a kind of “check-in” and take stock of where we are on our personal journeys into living more elevated conscious lives.

For many, winter solstice and the deeply spiritual aspect of the holidays bring a sense of stillness, connection, and joy, but for others, this busy and complicated time of year can cause anxiety, sadness, and pain.

Living in elevated consciousness is very much about our inner journey and our deeper connection with the Divine/Source/Spirit, but it is also about our interactions with family, friends, co-workers, and others we encounter during our day.

When we are living our life by following our soul’s calling, we are able to both receive and express love, kindness, patience, understanding and gratefulness.

We can be totally present, seeking out quality time with loved ones and even rearranging our schedule so we can maximize our time with them.

We understand that time is our friend, so we can be flexible, and when others are triggered or impatient, we can be a calming and healing influence.

Some of my friends have lost partners recently, so I’ve been more in touch with them during this holiday season because I don’t want them to feel isolated, lonely or sad.

Others I know have become extremely busy trying to stay on top of their holiday-season to-do lists, in addition to their daily routines, and are overwhelmed, so I do what I can to lend a hand and help them, as well.

Peace is the fruit that grows within us as we follow our soul’s calling and focus on deeper realms of consciousness, and I deliberately remain in that peace as I’m reaching out to others and moving through my day.

I am unafraid to share my truth, but always do so in a loving and compassionate way, ensuring that I’m never sharp or hurtful.

Wisdom is always within our reach. Dr. Larry Dossey calls this “non-local wisdom,” and it belongs to the Divine/One/Source of which we are part, so it is easy to access.

We know where we are going and we move in a steady direction throughout our day. We are visioning and intentional. We are no longer at the mercy of our circumstances or the anxious, negative energy of others.

When we encounter obstacles and challenges, we surround them with white light, sound-healing, or a violet flame. The more precise our vision and intention, the more powerful is our manifesting.

And when our vision and intentions are co-created with the Divine, we know they are being supported, and there are no feelings of separation, only a deep sense of connection that never leaves us.

We are clear that we are all One, united in higher purpose, and as we become more devoted and more disciplined, this creates a strength and power we can draw on in every aspect of our lives, both personal and professional.

Finally, and very importantly, we know we are blessed. We are personally blessed, our families are blessed, and our work is blessed.

And all of that is what a “check-in” during this final month of the year looks like for me. :-)

If you like the idea of doing a similar “check-in” with yourself, exploring your life and awareness, I’d love to hear about it if you’re willing to share.

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Thank you so much!

With love and in service,


Steve Farrell
Worldwide Executive Director
Humanity’s Team