A Different Perspective – Addressing Coronavirus and Such

I had a flash of insight just a few hours ago that I would like to share with you. The catalyst was the global panic that seems to be gathering around the whole issue of the coronavirus. It dawned on me that, “Hey, remember that everything is vibration!! Everything!!” In other words, the coronavirus itself represents a specific frequency that creates a certain vibrational field. I immediately remembered my own experience with cancer many years ago. When I came to the realization that the cancer itself existed at a particular frequency, I created sound exercises that began to change the vibrational field of my body and in turn began to shift the frequency of the cancer.

If you know that everything is connected, that “there is no separation,” then the last thing I wanted to do was “fight and destroy” the cancer. If I focused on this scenario, then I was indeed “fighting and destroying” some part of myself. Instead, I went deep into myself, listening to the sound of who I am and began to create spontaneous music with no words, no thoughts, only the intention of love. What happened is that because I was emitting such a high frequency within the depth of my being, the cancer responded and began to shift in its own frequency, raising in vibration to the point of total transmutation and transformation. In a word, I was completely healed.

Dealing with the coronavirus is no different. Going into the heart of the idea of the virus itself, one becomes aware of a frequency that is moving at a much lower level than that of a person who is self-aware. If one is willing to see through the eyes of love rather than fear, then that person creates a resonant field within and around him/herself that is moving at a much higher level than any “idea” such as a virus. This, actually, is physics. That which is moving at a lower frequency can be affected and raised by that which is moving at a higher and more sustained frequency, creating a vibrational field that allows for transformation to take place.

I have come to know that the most profound way to cause the creation of an immediate possibility for this level of transformation is to SING SPONTANEOUSLY…NO WORDS, NO THOUGHTS OTHER THAN WITH THE INTENTION OF LOVE. If you think, while in the process of creating, this won’t work. DO NOT THINK. DO NOT ANALYZE. Simply let the sounds come. Create a song. Let the music come. It will only last a minute or two but in the process, you are birthing a vibrational field that has the potential to shift everything and everyone around you.   Note: This works only if you’re willing to do so with the intent of Love. I’m living proof, having healed from cancer twice.

So rather than buying into the fear-ridden scenario around coronavirus, let your mind go into the heart of its creation and SING the higher frequency of who you yourself are, and I can guarantee you that the frequency of the virus will shift and raise to a level that will allow for the dissolving of the idea of the existence of any form, a virus or otherwise, that would bring harm and separation.

So now, in these times, create a spontaneous song every day. Collectively, we will create a global resonant field that will shift everything! Be courageous in your effort! Something wonderful is happening here!!

From Jeanne White Eagle's blog