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Jeanne White Eagle Pehrson is a visionary, educator, author and speaker. She is Co-Founder and President of the Interstellar Community Foundation (IFC), a Not-for-Profit established for the purpose of manifesting Interstellar Universities and surrounding communities around the world, as seen in vision by Jeanne of a system whose objective is to maximize and sustain the highest human potential and the eventual overt interaction with extraterrestrials and non-human intelligence. To quote Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Jeanne’s vision is a “‘how-to’ blueprint to put us on the track toward achieving a higher stage of consciousness and evolution, ensuring the continued existence of life on Earth.”

Jeanne is author and co-author of books dealing with human relations and the future of humanity and life on Earth. Using their combined skills in deep Conflict Resolution, Jeanne and her husband, John Pehrson, have often found themselves in war zones and other areas of severe conflict, bringing counseling, workshops, concerts, presentations, sharing of their varied skills, including wisdom and experience garnered from many years in the corporate world. Their focus is creating a global environment where all life is honored and nurtured. As a result, Jeanne and John have been called by many to be “Ambassadors for Worldwide Peace.”

Jeanne’s background also includes her many years of working with children and teens at risk and is the visionary for the global ceremonial dance, For the One, whose purpose is to help remove walls of separation and promote global healing. She is an accomplished composer and musician with a degree in the performing arts and masters study in education. One of her dreams is to get the world singing a spontaneous song born in the moment with no words and only the intention of Love, creating a visceral experience, a massive vibrational Field of peace and possibility.

What I have seen is a way to sustain the awakening taking place in the emerging new species of Human AND a way to create an environment where direct contact with species not from planet Earth can take place on a regular basis, where overt ongoing interaction and healthy relations becomes the norm.