Two Types of People

There are two types of people in life:

1. The ones that play by the rules and accept the status quo and

2. The ones who know there is far more to reality than meets the eye

If you are in the first group, you can stop reading now.

Because these words are for the dreamers…

The rebels
The evolutionaries that choose to march to the beat of a different drum...

The ones that aren’t satisfied with the current version of reality being sold…

You know, that tired old bullshit story of struggle and suffering that’s being spoon fed to the masses...

The story of struggle
The story of sin
That story that if there’s no pain there’s no gain
That story you have to work hard and sacrifice what you love to be successful
The story that you have to hustle and grind your way to the top

And whatever flavor of limited reality is currently en vogue.

You see, throughout human history there has always been a small group of people who saw things VERY differently than the majority…

A group that chooses to play by very different rules than the rest of the pack…

And as a result—a group that experiences a very different reality than everyone else...

A reality where the only limits to what is possible is the edges of what they can dream...

A reality where life is not about working harder it’s about playing harder...

A reality where the only way forward is the path of purpose, passion and joy...

A reality where the wonder and magic they experienced as children is alive and well...

A reality where life *truly* conspires in your favor and the infinite abundance of the universe is always pouring in your way...

A reality that most people believe is impossible.

But then again this is not a path for most people...

This is the path of flow…

It’s the path for the way-showers...

The Visionaries
The Culture Makers
The Entrepreneurs
The Creatives
The Wisdom keepers
The Influencers, Kings and Queens

You know… those people who are not willing to settle for ANYTHING less than living their dream life and thriving on every level.

The crazy ones who know something is very broken in the way the world currently operates and that there is absolutely a better way forward...

For the last 9 years I and a small but growing tribe of Flow Masters have been living in a reality that most people believe is impossible.

A reality where our success happens effortlessly as result of our alignment with our passion—not from hustle and hard work...

A reality of endless opportunity and perpetual abundance...

A reality where every single day is a peak experience...

We don’t follow the rules, we make our own.

We live life on our terms
Our north star is our joy
We are led by our dreams
And life conspires in our favor day in and day out

Where other people spend their whole lives putting one foot in front of another, we make quantum leaps into our desired realities.

Where other people struggle to get by we are effortlessly supported.

Where other people see limits, we see possibility.

We create thriving lives and businesses that are helping to solve the world's biggest challenges and we are prospering as a result.

We are living the new story.

And we are recruiting.

If you feel something stirring within you as you read these words...

You are being called to be part of this new wave.

You are being asked to unleash the full spectrum of greatness within you.

I received this same call 9 years ago and set out on this path with reckless abandon…

Going on a truly epic journey to understand the internal and external shifts needed to sustain this level of Flow in ones reality through thick and thin.

I made the leap out of the limited reality I was living in and never looked back and where it's taken me is the stuff of legends...

With no training or qualifications:

+ I launched multi-million dollar businesses working to create biodegradable alternatives to plastic

+ Built media empires helping people to heal their deepest wounds and live their greatest joy

+ Have been paid to speak at and travel to the world’s most beautiful, exotic and prestigious places and events on this way of life

+ Released acclaimed research papers on the mechanics of flow

+ Been personally mentored by some of the world’s top entrepreneurs, coaches and spiritual teachers

+ And invited to advise and consult on a growing list of social impact companies working to change the world in big ways

And it’s only been increasing with each passing day.

Every morning I wake up with new opportunities on these wavelengths pouring into my inbox…

...and messages from those I have been mentoring on living in Flow sharing stories of the same kinds of wild successes and effortless growth happening in their own lives.

Make no mistake about it:

The ability to live like this consistently requires a specialized skill set that is necessary to thrive in this new paradigm.

The journey FULLY out of the matrix and FULLY into the field of infinite possibility is a big one…

...and everyone requires some level of support throughout the process.

Which is why Jackie Knechtel and I created the Flow Mastery training.

To share all of our learning and wisdom from our collective 18 years on the Flow path to help others wanting to live like this make the transition as effortlessly as possible…

...and to give those already living in the new paradigm the most potent tools available to take their upward trajectory to new heights of abundance, ease and grace.

So if you are ready to FULLY disconnect from and erase the old paradigm programs of:

Hard work
Self doubt

...from your life + consciousness PERMANENTLY

And make the shift into the expanded reality of effortless flow and success in all areas of your life + business, then this is most definitely for you.

We are looking for a handful of people who are ready to exponentially increase:

their income
their impact
their consciousness and
their flow

And who want to do it as effortlessly as possible.

If that’s you, we are opening up a few spots to work with us closely over the next few months to get you permanently locked into this level of reality and develop the skills needed to sustain it for the rest of your life.

So... if that sounds like something you want to experience send me a private message and I will get you all the details.

We are keeping this very affordable so those who are truly and deeply feeling called to this way of life can participate.

Now is the time.
The world needs as many people as possible THRIVING in the new paradigm.
Join us.