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Anne-Marie Voorhoeve

Drs. Anne-Marie (AM) Voorhoeve is a heart-centered Strategic Connector, innovative co-creator, social architect, experienced facilitator and Spiral Dynamics integral meshworker. Her evolutionary purpose is to co-create with all of nature a world in harmony connected to the Universal Heart. Serving the development of planetary consciousness, she is dedicated to bringing humanity into right relations with its surroundings.

She is founder and strategic connector of The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence, and co-founder of the School of Social Alchemy. She works internationally designing and supporting complex multi-stakeholder projects (meshworks) that are committed to meaningful and ambitious goals, that are regenerative and serve to develop a world that works for all. The Hague Center is active partner in the Infinite World Game, Project Europe Energetics Help2Heal, Global Domes Project, City Transformers and the Cross Generational Dialogue meeting @ C40 Mayors Summit in Copenhagen 2019.

Anne-Marie strategically connects to new paradigm leaders and contributes to many conscious networks, for example as Chief Creative Director for the Club of Budapest International Network, core team member of Integral City Meshworks and of NETSPIRIT, core team member of WholeWorld-View community, extended core team member and host of Forum Co-creating Europe, member of the first Women’s Circle of WeWorldWide with the Care First Network. Co-host of Integral European Conference Regathering 2019. Ambassador for One Humanity Institute and the City of Hope, Auschwitz.

She is certified in Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDi), as spiritual intelligence coach (SQ21), and as ECOintention practitioner, who improves the vitality and health of organizations and ecosystems.

As Strategic Connector and Synnervator, she played a key role in the development of the Center for Human Emergence Netherlands from 2005-2012 and is still active.

Participatory action research projects using the praxis of Systemic Constellation Work in The Hague Center are for example the Conscious Witness, VTRRS Victim-Tyrant-Rebel-Rescuer-Survivor, Decolonisation, Evolutionary Purpose,

Anne-Marie is Laureate ‘Outstanding Peace Activist 2017’ of the World Peace Forum and a member of the Evolutionary Leadership Circle.

Anne-Marie and her husband Maarten have 2 daughters, and are active citizens of a small village in the Netherlands. They are grateful to be able to enjoy living between lakes in the heart of the country.

Evolutionary Leader, EL Circle

THC - The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation & Emergence, co founder

COB - Club of Budapest International Network, global creative strategy director

IC - Integral City Meshworks Inc, core team member

NETSPIRIT, core team member

WWV – WholeWorld-View, core team member

Forum Co-creating Europe, extended team member

ECOintention Practioner