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Constance Buffalo learned through her experience as the President and CEO of Intelagard, a chemical and biological warfare decontamination company that there would never be enough technology to stem the flow of terrorism.  The only answer resided within human consciousness itself. 

Five years ago, she joined with Jean Houston to form The Renaissance Project, International, a company that not only highlights Jean’s work on the tremendous capacities that each human possesses, but takes perception, empowerment, problem solving and positive action to an inspiring, effective new octave.

This was the natural next step in Buffalo’s career.  Her love of marketing began with CBS television network, as Director of Promotion and Advertising for Regional Markets where she produced thousands of commercials, as well as radio and television programs.  A fascination with the future emerged as General Manager of Videodetics, where she learned engineering and manufactured advance interactive video systems for progressive international companies.  Her respect for the human mind came as Vice-President of The Interactive Technologies Group, designing state-of-the-art interactive video training programs for the largest companies in America. 

Buffalo’s observation the psychology of national and international companies evolved from her position of Vice-President of Mind Extension University where she produced national and international training programs aimed at optimizing awareness, competence and performance, and as an international consultant on telecommunication.

Her partnership with Jean Houston is a confluence of tradition, intention and experience.  Buffalo’s Chippewa heritage created a canvas upon which all life is seamlessly woven in sacred patterns.  The advancement of dignity, respect and a deep relationship with all of life, not just the human species, drives her commitment to share with and encourage people whenever possible.

Buffalo’s experience of technology powering virtual intelligence and societies, fuels the intention to provide information and opportunities to those predisposed to altruism, as well as to mainstream audiences where significant, lasting change is optimally achieved.

The “renaissance” of awareness is not just for man to advance into greater humanism for the good of mankind, but for men and women to join the symphony of creation and know at last that we are all related.