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Christopher Life is a dedicated, pure, and tireless emissary of light who is deeply in service to conscious evolution. Christopher studied International Conflict Resolution in college. He has led international endeavors, for-benefit businesses that include events, food services, medical technology invention, and community initiatives all focused on the betterment of humanity and in support of the multi-sector systemic transformation of society.

Christopher is also deeply committed to his own conscious evolution in service to his own leadership for the benefit of All. He embodies radical responsibility, inspiring courage, and does not shy away from his own edges or what’s needed for the whole. He has a remarkable ability to help diverse groups of people lean-in and dive deep to find their common ground in service to All Life. He also has an amazing ability to articulate what he’s seeing and sensing in a way that helps others grasp complex systems.

Christopher’s life experience has prepared him well to participate in, and lead, political initiatives to rebirth humanity. Christopher is the visionary, catalyzer, and the founding steward of a new USA political party called OneNation Party USA. OneNation USA is a political party dedicated to bringing sanity, wisdom, compassion and systemic transformation into politics. The party will begin with a public launch campaign during the US presidential elections and holds a multi-decade vision of the conscious evolution of the United States in service to All Life.

May we honor both love and power, and rise together, all in for all life, as we integrate them well.