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From near death to breakthrough, Darius M. Barazandeh was given a gift. Through a motorcycle crash in 2008, spirit revealed to him 3 magic questions that can dramatically transform our levels of love, joy and connection. Through Darius' revelation he founded the You Wealth Revolution, an enlightened education and broadcasting community dedicated to helping people connect to their joy, genius and gifts. With over 210,000 loyal subscribers in more than 150 countries the You Wealth broadcasting platform has become one of the largest spiritual and self-growth tele-education communities in the world.

HEART MISSION: Darius' daily mission to actively co-create a new educational model that allows children and adults to connect with their truth as the primary source of identity and knowing. 

Through You Wealth Revolution each week tens of thousands of people are led back to the "true knowing" of their own hearts. People from all over the world are led to fully experience their own love, light and gifts. From this place, new energies, ideas and perspectives shift a once 'fixed' 3D perspective into an open and personalized 5 dimensional, 'heart based' reality.

Darius himself has also worked with and appeared alongside teachers and authors such as: Vishen Lakhiani, James Van Praagh, John Assaraf, Mark Victor Hansen, Joe Vitale, Marie Diamond, Christie Marie Sheldon, Burt Goldman, Carol Tuttle, Marci Shimoff, Greg Habstritt, David Simon, Max Simon and countless other top transformational and business teachers.

Helping the Planet and Kids: Beyond transformational education, Darius and the You Wealth Revolution team have committed resources to feed 45 starving children each day 365 days per year! You Wealth Revolution has donated more than 39,000+ meals to starving children all over the planet through 501(c) (3) organization, Feed My Starving Children.

There is a light and song in your heart that is so profound, when you connect to it...anything you truly desire can become yours.