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Eleni Meraki

Eleni Meraki is a multi-disciplinary entrepreneur assisting people in finding what gives them meaning, and in sharing it with the world.

Working in the advertising industry for the world’s most influential brands, Eleni exchanged her corporate career to help individuals on their life’s journeys to building a fulfilling life. She graduated in Economics, continued with a post-graduate in Marketing & Advertising and is a certified life coach and clinical hypnotherapist.

She owns her own consulting and branding agency serving primarily artists, creators and healers worldwide in creating a solid, authentic and aligned online presence. Her passion in writing is what Eleni spends most of her free time cultivating. Her relentless curiosity for the seen and the unseen, cultures, people and languages has led her to travel around the world visiting over 45 countries and speaking 5 languages.

She is of Dutch-Greek origin, spent most of her life living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and resides currently in Athens, Greece.