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Fred Matser is a humanitarian and philanthropist who has made it his life’s work to contribute towards creating a more functional society by means of inspiration and empowerment. Formerly CEO of one of the largest real estate and project development companies in the Netherlands in the 1980’s, he has since then devoted himself to initiating and co-creating numerous inspiring and influential foundations and projects.

These have encompassed the fields of healthcare, environment, conservation, peace and global transformation and have taken place in both his native Netherlands and across the world. They include: the Child Alive programme for the Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Peace Flame, Foundation for Environmental Awareness and Fred Foundation (WWW.FREDFOUNDATION.ORG). Fred has also participated in several major events for global transformation including the State of the World Forum and the Commission on Globalisation.

Most recently Fred has headed up the Malaria No More! (Netherlands) Initiative (WWW.MALARIANOMORE.NL) and is now expanding his StartFund initiative more globally (WWW.STARTFUNDGLOBAL.ORG).

Fred has received several awards for his humanitarian work including the first International Caring Award (USA, 1992) and the Van Emden Award (Netherlands, 1995). He has also been awarded an honorary Doctorate from the University of Creation Spirituality (USA, 1999).

Fred is author of the book, Rediscover Your Heart: 7 Keys to Personal and Planetary Transformation (Findhorn Press, 2008) which has a foreword by Mikhail Gorbachev and an afterword by Dr Deepak Chopra and contributions from a host of luminaries including Dr Jane Goodall, Dr Patch Adams, Prof. Ervin Laszlo and Dr. Jerry Jampolsky. The book has also been published in Dutch and Spanish and led him to establish the Rediscover Your Heart Awards (WWW.REDISCOVERYOURHEART.ORG).

Fred is married and has three daughters from his first marriage and a step-daughter from his second. He lives in the Netherlands.

The chaos in the environment is a reflection of the disorder in our minds and hearts (invironment).