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Indra Adnan is Founder and Co-initator of The Alternative Global, a socio-political platform serving systemic transformation. AltGlobal publishes a Daily Alternative news blog, develops cosmolocal agency networks (CANs) and connects planetary regeneration projects. Our current work is developing a new communications architecture for CANs globally and initiating a new media system to serve the future arising - Planet A.

Indra is concurrently a socio-psychotherapist, writer and consultant on soft power. Clients have included the Danish and Brazilian governments, World Economic Forum and NATO. She is also visiting Director of Poiesis at Perspectiva think tank. Her book The Politics of Waking Up: Power and Possibility in the Fractal Age was a Times Literary Supplement Book of the Year in 2021.,

We have been in a revolution for 30 years. People the world over are waking up to their conditions and the denial of their agency and humanity. At the same time, the infrastructure for the self-organising of societies has always been latent and is now moving into the public space more consciously. The rapid advancement of technology, including artificial intelligence, has the potential to transform our world for the good, if individuals and communities take an active part in shaping it. Our best chance is to wake up to the power of our relationality and response-ability, and build the architecture that supports our agency therein.