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Jeff Vander Clute is a mentor and a guide for the journey of awakened living. Jeff empowers visionaries, entrepreneurs, and changemakers to become masters of consciousness and ultimately winners of life. He offers clarity and insights that help people to experience the truth of challenging situations, the joy of being, and the next level of their abilities. He works closely with aspiring souls and at the collective level to support the birth of new systems that are in harmony with the planet.

On the journey of life, and through ongoing spiritual practices, Jeff has been gifted with an intuitive capacity to calibrate the resonance, consciousness, and truth of possibilities. By sensing and engaging with the most awakened opportunities, he is able to bring wisdom and uplifting energy into every moment. In this way Jeff illuminates pathways for people to “become the new human” and enables businesses and organizations to navigate transformation with grace.

Jeff is a co-founder of Sourcing The WayThe Enlightenment Zone, and Enlightening Journeys and Expeditions. Additionally, he is a co-creator and teacher of The Consciousness of Money, a member of the board of directors of Source of Synergy Foundationand a dedicated member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle.

The great war of human unconsciousness tearing itself apart is already over. Illumination is here. Look closely and you can see the new reality in the eyes of so many people who are at last waking up to the all-embracing Love and choosing to live as expressions of harmonized planetary Being.