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John B. Pehrson’s background includes a chemical engineering degree, having worked as a former executive with the DuPont Corporation. He was also founder and President of Creative Change Technologies, a management consulting company that he started after leaving DuPont in 1993, and also of One Journey Publications, a small publishing company. Starting in May of 1998, John Pehrson made a conscious decision to shift out of the world of corporate business, and begin working at the “grassroots” level to help individuals and communities deal with inner and outer conflicts, realize their full potential and, in doing so, change society in positive ways – one person, one community at a time.

His international career as a trainer and life coach spanning more than 30 years has included workshops and seminars that have guided organizations and communities around the world, promoting cooperation and creativity in multicultural environments. He is one of the foremost teachers on applied intuition and is co-author of Intuitive Imagery: A Resource at Work. John is also co-author of Community Building: Renewing Spirit and Learning in Business.

With his wife Jeanne Lane Pehrson (a.k.a. Jeanne White Eagle), he travels the world teaching, counseling and working to create a more positive world by teaching heart-centered communication skills and intuitive decision-making processes, and helping individuals and communities move through trauma to discover new and expanded possibilities. Together with his wife, he has facilitated deep community building and conflict resolution events in places such as Germany, Russia, South Africa, Brazil, Bosnia, England, Ireland, Norway, Egypt, Israel and the United States.

He now is focused on bringing into being, the Vision given to Jeanne of a “how-to Blueprint” of shifting global culture by accelerating the evolution of human consciousness. He is one of the creators, along with Astronaut Edgar Mitchell of the Interstellar Community Foundation, a twenty-first century “moonshot” organization whose purpose is to help manifest this positive vision for humanity.

We are living at the tip of the tipping point in a time of transformation. Let us live so that every thought we think and each action we take will serve to restore the knowledge of our interconnectivity with each other and with all life on this planet and beyond.