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Dr. Kurt Barnes (ND, DEA) is an international psycho-social expert who has worked with people and organizations from all over the world, including migrants and refugees in Europe and Africa. He is founder and CEO of 3CS, and co-founder and Chair of EARTHwise Centre. His work with migrants includes training and consultancy for improving their living conditions and eco-psychological health, and implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to these issues. Dr Barnes is a well sought-after adviser in Mauritius and internationally. Due to his extensive multicultural and multilingual background—and having lived and worked in Mauritius, Europe, North America, and Africa—he is able to help form essential bridges.

His current focus is on creating a hospital for deprived children, and psy first-aid (PFA) training for the prevention of the development and escalation of psycho-social unrest and violence, including research on climate change related PFA. He is a registered Naturopathic Physician and applies this with his specialization in psychology, psychotherapy and biofeedback. He was trained in psychotechnics and higher states of consciousness for  biofeedback by Maxwell Cade at the Institute for Psychobiological Research in 1979. His research also includes the history of impact of eco-mutations on epidemics. His corporate consultancy and coaching includes communication for business management and financial services companies. He worked as adviser for UNICEF and the Ministry of Women, Family and Child Development in Mauritius in 1998, for implementing programs on prevention of child abuse.

He is a certified Indigenous Talking Circle leader and facilitator by Four Worlds International Institute (FWII), and regularly consults FWII for their training needs. His clients include the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Shell, UNICEF, and CITCO among others. He serves as director on the Board of the Lycee Labourdonnais. He was Knighted in 2004 in the Order of Academic Palms of the French Republic for his outstanding service.