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Kaeshi Chai is a NYC and San Francisco based artist, performer, theatrical director, teacher trainer, and award winning designer. She co-founded the professional dance company and school, Bellyqueen, and PURE (Public Urban Ritual Experiment), a global community focused on healing and social change through dance and music. Kaeshi has extensive training in contemporary dance, physical theatre and Silk Road dances spanning the Middle East to China. She has taught or performed in 47 states and 39 countries. She is an alumni member of Kenji William’s Bella Gaia, the Bellydance Superstars, Jillina’s Bellydance Evolution and and curates the Djam NYC event for dancers and musicians to create and play together.

Current projects include Nature Stories performances integrating art and science about the ocean, forest, clouds and animals like slugs to create more environmental awareness, and Creative Labs in which participants conceptualize, choreograph and mount full-length theatrical dance shows in 3-4 days.

www.kaeshi.com | www.pureglobe.org