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Oscar-nominated producer/director Kit Thomas is a passionate media change agent. His inspiring documentary films and television specials have been translated into many languages and have been licensed for broadcast and classroom distribution in over fifty countries.

Equally passionate about cultural and philosophical bridge building, he co-founded the Common Ground Interfaith Fellowship in Philadelphia in 2002. As its executive director for five years, Kit hosted monthly interfaith gatherings with inspirational speakers and authors representing diverse perspectives on the universal principles that inform the world’s religions and spiritual traditions.

In 2012, moved by his deep belief in the transformational power of media, Kit established the Circle of Wisdom Living Library, a non-profit alliance of media professionals, authors, teachers, publishers and indigenous elders working together to provide centralized access to transformational wisdom from around the world. To date, Kit has conducted more than two hundred video interviews with evolutionary thought leaders and contemporary wisdom keepers for the project.

Kit's work celebrates the inherent wisdom that resides within each of us, and its value in finding deeper meaning in our lives and in charting our collective future.

He currently resides in Santa Barbara, California.

Wisdom isn’t owned by anyone, but belongs to everyone.