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Kim Polman was born in the United States but has resided in various European countries all her adult life.

The guiding principle most dear to her heart is The Golden Rule: ‘Treat others and the planet as you wish to be treated,’ which embraces all life, not just human beings. She co-authored her first book on this very philosophy, Imaginal Cells - Visions of Transformation. The book, a collection of essays from thought leaders and change agents from all walks of life, embraces this Golden Rule as the starting point with which to collectively address the most pressing issues of our time and offers a roadmap for humanity. Following the publication of Imaginal Cells, Kim co-founded Reboot the Future foundation. She has become a public speaker.

Kim is also co-founder and Vice Chair of the Kilimanjaro Blind Trust, a charity dedicated to improving literacy for blind and visually impaired children in east Africa. As a polymath, she has initiated research on expats, ran a community-based website for the expat community, and helped organize a regional community arts project across northern England. As an accomplished cello player, she performs in various ensembles, organises concerts, and has served on the board of various orchestras.

She raised three sons with her husband while moving multiple times internationally, learning several languages along the way.