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Kwadjo SPiRi

Ghanaian born Conscious Musician and record producer Kwadjo SPiRi imbues his music with African folklore, Tribal and foreign elements with a Hiphop feel. This blends mainly into a new genre of music he refers to as Afrihop.

As a dynamic music producer, he experiments with lots of sounds and rhythms and his edge to experiment is deeply rooted and inspired by this constant inner urge or impulse to stand out by creating new genres and feeding consumers with something always new and fresh. His goal with music is to produce sounds of such immense depth that it can inspire positive shifts within, fostering personal peace, progress and well being.

Personally believing that indigenous African music is naturally spiritual and therapeutic, he enjoys exploring it in its many forms. His musical album “Okwantuni (The Agondonter)” is an illustration of experimenting with indigenous African sounds.

On a conscious personal universal journey towards increasing Self-awareness and discovery, He mainly shares his universe experiences as content on the music.

He’s shared stages, big and small, with lots of artists both local and international. He’s also shared stages with kindred artists who walk similar conscious paths as his. A few notable engagements or participations are global events such as Unity day (U-Day) festival in Ethiopia, Eco-Conscious Music Alliance Global Action Concert, Uplift Connect’s Global Days of Unity.