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Kara is a professional artist and meshworker with The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence. She has extensive experience training, facilitating and graphic recording for high level government, academic and non-profit clients around the world in strategy, sustainable design and systems change.

Kara and Evolutionary Leader Juan Carlos Kaiten and Sonja Neiderhummer published The Magic Canoe - a thesis on massive collaboration for sustainable development. The name was inspired by a story told by Eric Young about a Native American myth and its metaphor for openness to collaborate with seeming enemies to achieve the greatest good for the community. She was then the initiator, fundraiser and lead facilitator of the Ottawa Energy Collective Impact project from 2016-2019 combining her design thinking and sustainability leadership expertise to bring municipal, NGO, Academic and business players together for meaningful collaboration on carbon dioxide reductions.

Today, she is a core contributor to World Unity Week and Peace Weekend massive global convergences. The Magic Canoe guides the design and she paints ONE World into form, as she shares the visual harvest showing the collective capacities we are growing as a social body. Kara is also the initiator of the Spirit of Canada Dialogues Project, bringing hope to Canadians through Listening Beyond Division monthly dialogues.

Inspired and awakened by her global journey studying eco-villages, her mission is to co-create new cultural norms and global governance systems in line with life. Kara is often described as ‘magical,’ bringing the power of playfulness and deep spiritual connection for the greatest good of all. Kara is a Canadian and now lives in France with her husband and two children.