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Rev. Linda Björk is an Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister and former award-winning CEO, dedicated to evolving the idea and implementation of leadership in the world.

As the Founder of Inner Business Institute, Linda’s main activity professionally is to teach the propriety leadership method Mindfulness Intelligence® (MQ) to an international client base. Among her clients you will find everything from Fortune 100 companies to startups, all agreeing that the old paradigm of leadership is outdated and outright dangerous. MQ provides consciousness transformation and practical tools to make the switch to a new paradigm possible, with wellness, interconnectedness and peaceful business action at its core.

Linda authored a book in 2016 called INNER BUSINESS and is in the process of writing a new book with a Fortune 100 CTO, expected to come out Spring 2022 – inspiring people to use science and deep wisdom to create sustainable intra-personal spaces, extended to leading world innovation.

Interwoven with Linda’s work in the business world is her involvement in several unity communities. As a current board member of the largest interfaith seminary in the United States, One Spirit Learning Alliance, board member in the unifier of unifiers Unity Earth, and supportive of Chief Dwaine Perry and the Ramapough Lunaape Indians (to name a few), Linda weaves connections and opportunities for visibility and impact for many people and organizations within the interfaith, unity and consciousness world. 

Linda’s foremost interest of evolutionary discussion and action is that within the global business community. Business is the most powerful influencer in the world, creating the largest social platform for humanity, and massively impacts most decisions being made today. The need for healthy global business evolution has extended in a growing exploratory project called The Becoming of Business – where people from business meet spiritual wisdom and evolutionary leaders.,,