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Laura K. Rose is a passionate youth empowerment and cultural exchange specialist who has dedicated her life to the creation of young global leaders through her work in cultural exchange, purpose work, mentoring, public speaking, and philanthropy. She is Co-Creator of Purpose Earth, dedicated to launching, funding and mentoring grassroots projects that provide creative solutions to some of the planet’s greatest challenges. She is also Co-founder and CEO of Greenheart International, a nonprofit organization that has facilitated the cultural exchange experiences of more than 160,000 participants from 85 countries worldwide, while supporting fair trade artisans from developing nations through its fair trade division, Greenheart Shop.

In 1995, she co-founded the Fundacion por el Futuro (Foundation for the Future) in Spain which promotes ecological awareness and cultural understanding through its support of the ecological center Casita Verde on the island of Ibiza and other organizations worldwide.  She is a deeply engaged board member of She is the Universe, a global platform designed to amplify the voices of teenage girls from around the world, and also serves as a board member of Unity Earth, empowering worldwide solutions for unity, purpose and peace. 

Laura supports budding global leaders through providing funding and opportunities to young people from every continent to recognize their ability to positively impact the world through leadership training and personal development workshops, empowering them to become change-makers within society. Under Laura’s leadership, service-learning grants at Greenheart have been provided to more than 100 young people from 25 countries to help overcome daunting challenges in their home countries. Grant recipients of Purpose Earth and Greenheart learn to recognize the positive impact that they, as individuals and grassroots community-based groups, can have on their home communities, undertaking projects from providing drinking water to school children in rural Colombia, to building playgrounds for toddlers in Jamaica, to the creation of literacy programs in Georgia, and computer training for children in Uganda.

She has worked extensively in a voluntary capacity with members of the U.S. Department of State, the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs, community thought leaders and international representatives to further the causes of public diplomacy & mutual understanding, environmental consciousness and social justice and is currently mentoring several young women in Nepal, Africa and the Caribbean on issues related to the eradication of modern day slavery,  environmental restoration and the empowerment of teenage girls.,