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Laura K. Rose is a passionate youth empowerment specialist who has dedicated her life to the development and support of youth in leadership through her work in cultural exchange, purpose work, mentoring, public speaking, and philanthropy. She is Co-founder and CEO of Greenheart International which has facilitated the cultural exchange experiences of 175,000 participants from 85 countries since its inception. She’s also Co-Founder of Purpose Earth, dedicated to activating and mentoring worldwide grassroots projects that provide creative solutions to community challenges.

In 1995 she co-founded Fundacion por el Futuro in Spain, devoted to the creation of environmental and educational programs for American and Spanish youth and has been a key supporter of the growth and mission of the Casita Verde, an educational eco-center in Ibiza showcasing sustainable living and renewable energy, which is visited by hundreds of school children and adults each year.

An experienced public speaker, she has facilitated public speaking workshops for youth, done podcasts, and has been a panelist and keynote speaker in numerous forums. For more than 20 years she’s worked with members of the U.S. Department of State, community leaders and international representatives to further the causes of public diplomacy and mutual understanding.

Laura is a recipient of the 2023 Visioneers Heroines of Humanity Award and is co-recipient of Unity Earth’s Keeper of the Flame Award in 2021. She received the Barbara Marx Hubbard Award for Innovation with her husband, Emanuel Kuntzelman, in 2015.

Laura was honored to recently be invited to become a board member of Choose Love Movement, nurturing safer and more loving communities, schools and prisons. Additionally, she serves on the board of Empowerment Collective, dedicated to the eradication of modern-day slavery by providing marginalized women the skills they deserve to ensure self-sufficiency and dignity. Highly dedicated to She is the Universe, a girls empowerment platform giving voice to young women around the globe on the board, Laura has served on their board since 2020. She is also on the board of Unity Earth, a global network whose mission is to accelerate the realization of unity and peace on Earth.

Fluent in Spanish, with a strong working knowledge of French, she divides her time between Sedona, Arizona and Madrid, Spain.

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