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Miranda Clendening is one of the Directors for UNIFY the World 501c3 also known as UNIFY or Unify.org. She also has background as Executive Director and technology integration specialist for multiple large and small scale Non-profit Humanitarian Groups, and in the healthcare industry, is a holistic nurse, a mother of 5, regenerative whole-systems community development consultant, and large event facilitator. She also recently moved to Crestone, Colorado a spiritual Mecca in North America and became the the Development Director for ScSEED (Saguache County Sustainable Environment and Economic Development) in San Luis Valley. She Is actively helping lead regenerative community development efforts there.


Miranda has past experience in creating and implementing values programs for children and families with Truthseekers and Families of L.O.V.E. (Living Our Values Everyday) Program and values-based business consulting with Best of Humanity. Miranda is very excited to be joining Evolutionary Leaders now and bringing her skills to our aligned missions. Miranda enjoys assisting with bringing partners together for projects around positive impact and helping leaders, organizations, projects, and individuals find each other throughout each of these impact areas. Being a mother of 5, and caring deeply about her family and community, youth outreach and transformational and educational programs for youth has been one of Miranda’s greatest passions. She has also been involved with Mastermind groups with the UN since 2016 for tracking impact with the SDGs in Science and Technology innovation.


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