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Marcel Gasser

Marcel, originally from Switzerland, has lived and travelled to over 100 countries across every continent and he’s still not finished! From Tibet to Greenland, there’s almost nowhere he hasn’t visited some time recently.

In the process, he’s learned a lot about privilege and how to create a lasting impact. Being a nomad since the summer of 2015 brings him all the flexibility to follow his heart & projects. Due to his healing journey for over 4 years, curing himself from a tumour behind his 3rd eye, he gained many insights about himself and the beautiful universe we live in. The tumour produced an immense excess of growth hormone, called gigantism, which also was the life motto till that point. Just two days later after getting the diagnosis, Marcel realised that he gained superpowers: a bigger heart, lungs, healing hands and two big grounding feet. With time, he even found out what caused the tumour and could resolve this childhood issue.

He has been directly involved in the creation of more than 10 companies in the past 12 years. He leads and has built up the Swiss chapter of the Global Entrepreneurship Network. Besides being a conductor in many amazing projects; such as spirit mentorship for young entrepreneurs, producing a documentary about the secret of being an entrepreneur, he is also building up a global co-living community, where the mission is to bring a shift from mind towards heart and creating experiences towards the essence of existence. These 25 healing communities will become the place for change, inspiration and to thrive our true self, many of us are longing for.

He holds a Business IT degree, an MBA from University of Southern Queensland as well as an Executive MBA.

Marcel strongly believes that the future belongs to sustainable businesses that create real added value, and one of his favourite mantras is: “the adventure starts when there is no adventure anymore.”

He passionately believes that all beings have infinite possibilities, and his motivation is to stop the systematic “suppression of potential” among our created system. His life mission is to liberate and combine the business and spiritual world as “the business buddha.”

The adventure starts if there is not adventure anymore.