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Nate Zeleznick is the President and Co-founder of Vibravision and the Leader of Inner Wisdom System, which merges ancient energetic martial arts (White Dove method) handed down for 500 years by the Kings of Java, Indonesia, with modern science and training technology, to offer the most advanced breathwork and personal energy management system on the planet. 

Over the past 24+ years he has undergone life-and-death trials, mastered the energetic and martial arts, co-founded the ONLY U.S. schools allowed to train these capabilities. His mission is to redefine blindness as we see it and help people achieve SUPERHUMAN breakthroughs, the White Dove method and a technique called Vibravision. His company and students were featured in the award-winning documentary SUPERHUMAN: The Invisible Made Visible, and have been validated by numerous professionals in the fields of Medicine, Naturopathy, Optometry, Military, Physics, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Consciousness Research, the Blind Community, and many more for being able to teach everyday people to unlock their dormant supernormal abilities. The White Dove Method IS the next step in personal growth and evolution.

Nate is a sought-after keynote speaker, master trainer, and leader in the spiritual community.

To heal the body, first you must heal the Soul. Let every situation and understanding of life be your medicine, not your poison.