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Oran is a huge fan of the marvels of the human heart. He champions ideas that shift perceptions and change worlds. He often answers to the title of “Imagineer” – helping individuals and organizations usher the future into being.

Oran is the co-founder of the World Spirit Youth Council, a spiritual youth leader and a creative inner-vator. WSYC creates spaces and places for youth to experience and express their spirituality and assists them to channel that into humanitarian projects in over 20 countries around the world. WSYC is a project of Children of the Earth. In 2005, at the World Spirit Forum, Oran co-founded WSYC with 18 youth from different religions and faiths and was the International Hubs Coordinator for many years during WSYC’s inception.

Oran has been studying and teaching metaphysics since he was 16 and is a South African leader for an international spiritual mentorship organization that creates ritualistic rights of passage for teenage boys. He has run workshops and interventions for spiritual youth and interfaith gatherings in countries such as Japan, Israel/Palestine, Switzerland, Thailand, Ghana, South Africa, Canada and Nepal. He has been involved with the UN’s International Day of Peace.

Born in Israel, he returned there to work with Palestinian and Israeli youth doing Inter-faith and intra-faith work. He believes that youth have a destiny to create a new blueprint for humanity – an awakened way of living and being. A new civilization based in peace and spiritual values and that each individual holds a piece of that blueprint. He has made it his life-mission to assist individuals to let their unique Genius and Gifts shine in order to realize this global vision. He currently lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Within each individual is the indivisible. Our work is to find the Song of Our Heart and to courageously bring it to the world with audacity, imagination, passion and grace. And, through engaging our mojo, inspire others to do the same. Now that's how we change the world; one swinging heart at a time!