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Puria Kästele

Puria's mission is to co-create the most brilliant and loving civilization on earth.

Together with one hundred world renowned experts she explored in her global online Conscious Evolution Summits how we can evolve as individuals and as a society. Different sectors were spirituality, healing, relationship, economy, art, science, psychology, trauma work, ecological regeneration and social systems. (www.transform-your-life.net)
Her natural skills to hold a save space, navigating “the field”, being fully present on all levels with her conversation partners and embodying what is moving between them, makes her interviews a unique and powerful experience for the interviewees and the audience.

Since her teenage years, when a spontaneous opening into the timeless, spacious being, untouched by any experience occurred, Puria dedicated her life to learn about and explore how to embody our true nature as a multidimensional being, animated by pure love in a world which isn’t a reflection of that yet.

She learned a profession in the medical area, followed later by numerous trainings and educations in alternative, shamanic and spirit healing methods, modern psychological and spiritual coaching and personal development techniques. She also studied trauma work and Integral Philosophy.

Puria was co-founding a cross-generational community in Germany where she was living for 6 years and managing its seminar center and non-profit organization for cultural change for several years.

Functioning like a bridge between the material world and the unseen realms, she supports individuals in processes of healing and transformation since 30 years. She offers individual sessions, workshops and courses online and also individual retreats in Germany, where she lives. (www.puria.org)

Puria loves to support people, places, institutions and networks to find their most evolved form of embodiment and expression and by that, being an authentic manifestation of love, wisdom and beauty.


On Puria's YouTube Channel you can enjoy many teasers from her summits: