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Richard Flyer has 40+ years as a pioneer in the area of multi-dimensional, embodied spirituality - fully integrating one's spiritual life while at the same time building bioregional ecosystem networks. He is involved in a collaborative, the Symbiotic Culture movement – with an audacious goal to activate 50,000 micro-bioregional (villages, towns, and cities) community networks by 2033.

Beyond the current, one-dimensional concept of networking strictly for business purposes, community network weaving is the conscious integration of community resources applying the universal spiritual virtues of Love, Integrity, Courage, Service, and Respect.

Weaving activates a new social and economic infrastructure or scaffoldingthat supports the growth of a new society within the old.  It focuses spiritual power, energy and the social and material resources in a given local region‚ a process of re-localization. It is an intentional community without walls within a modern urban area that can support itself even with global dislocations‚ such as economic supply chain, depression, and natural and human-made disasters.

Activation results through the aggregation of the spiritual, social, cultural, economic and political energies/capital already found within a local region by gently connecting its community organizations, businesses, religious and spiritual groups, activists, and local government into an aligned, resonant and coherent movement for system change.

It is based in part on the Sarvodaya movement in Sri Lanka, a spiritually-based movement and network that has already activated 5,000 bioregional ecosystem networks who have led the way in this novel approach. (

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to learn more or to partner with your network.