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DR. SHARIFF ABDULLAH is a consultant, author and advocate for mindfulness, inclusivity and societal transformation.  Shariff’s meta-vision and mission are simple:  we can create a world that works for all living beings.   

Dr. Abdullah is the author of Power of One: Authentic Leadership in Turbulent Times, and the award-winning book, Creating A World That Works for All. Shariff is the Founder and Director of the Commonway Institute, in Portland, Oregon. He is a graduate of Boston University School of Law, a former practicing attorney, and a national leader in defining leadership methods for personal and collective transformation and resilience, methods for creating dialogue and understanding across diverse constituencies, strategies for identifying and changing dysfunctional systems and structures, and tools for cultivating sustainable social, environmental, and community action.

Shariff has traveled to over 120 distinct cultures, spanning 45 countries, on every habitable continent. He uses his experiences as a lawyer, an activist, a world-traveler and a student of many wisdom traditions as he explores the role of spirit, intellect, imagination, stories, strategies and structures for creating change and re-imagining the future. Shariff consults with individuals, government agencies, businesses and social service organizations working on the leading edge of change.