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Sarah McCrum is a coach and author whose work explores how we can be fully human and fully alive in an age of exponential expansion in technology.

Her initial search for answers arose from working with children. After 4 years teaching, she joined BBC Radio, specialising in interviewing children. For 10 years she recorded radio programs, conducted fieldwork for research and led workshops with children and adults across UK and many other countries. She demonstrated how to respect children and represent their voices authentically in the media as the UN Convention on the Rights of the Chlld was being ratified across the world,

At a deeper level, she was challenged by many of the questions they asked because she didn’t have answers and didn’t know where to find them, until she discovered Chinese metaphysics. The core of her work developed through 22 years training with Chinese Masters, where she learned traditional and modern teachings about energy, applied to all areas of life including natural health and healing, relationships, business and community.

She founded The Energy Bank in London in 2000, which provided energy-based services to individuals, small businesses and corporations for the next 10 years.

She’s been an energy coach for 20 years, helping entrepreneurs and gamechangers master their personal energy and develop the inner and outer capacity to make the contribution they feel most called to.

In 2011 she channelled a series of messages from the energy of Money which formed the book, Love Money, Money Loves You. It calls us to a radically transformed relationship with money which is aligned with life, planet and humanity. The book provides much of the inspiration for The Consciousness of Money programs, which she currently runs with co-founders, Jeff Vander Clute and her husband, Niko Dujmovic in Australia, USA and Europe.

There’s a new consciousness growing on this planet that is generous, expansive and exquisitely beautiful. It grows by being shared from one person to another.