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Yasmeen Turayhi is a Board member of Techwadi, and the host of the podcast Gateways to Awakening produced by Hakawati, where she interviews leading experts in wellness, personal development, and higher consciousness. Gateways to Awakening is in the top 3% of all podcasts listened to globally according to Listener score.

She has a master certification in Intuition Medicine from the Academy of Intuition Medicine and offers intuitive mentorship and meditations. Her TEDx talk which launched in March 2022, "How to use your intuition to make better decision‚" reached over 13,000 views in just 6 weeks.

She is also the director, writer, and narrator of the ten-part audio miniseries, Hyphenated Journey, which chronicles her experience of growing up Iraqi-American. This miniseries was recently featured at the top of the podcast carousel on Apple as "immersive storytelling" just last week, a major honor in the podcast world.

Some of her other writing includes fantasy drama, and her screenplay A Star in the Desert which she co-produced won two audience awards for "best child actor" and was selected in eight film festivals. 

Life is more fun when you believe in magic.