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VLOG: The linger effect of intention In this episode, I will be discussing the linger effect of intention – the id… https://t.co/IpHbDUl0p01 week 6 days ago
Episode 42: Thriving with intention despite uncertain times I’ll be discussing a few of the tools I consider indis… https://t.co/PiYgvfsq4K2 weeks 17 hours ago
Check out my latest https://t.co/OteCiGbU71 on 2 weeks 21 hours ago
Listen to my recent interview for the Psychic Teachers podcast here: https://t.co/zq0iDyhi9k https://t.co/cafDX6PpSe2 weeks 1 day ago
LAST CHANCE! Intention Essentials is the best place to start if you’re new to my work and courses. Even if you’ve… https://t.co/UCCw14cwi22 weeks 2 days ago
Check out my recent interview for Energy Magazine: https://t.co/v8rwjBqZep https://t.co/GnO3YTzJH22 weeks 3 days ago
24 HOURS UNTIL EARLY BIRD ENDS! Join me on my Level 1 course: Getting it right from the start. Ill be teaching the… https://t.co/hhlshEdKLy2 weeks 3 days ago
“This course has changed me in unexpected ways. I feel a sense of excitement about my life. I feel more loving towa… https://t.co/MfqGOf55TB2 weeks 3 days ago
48 HOURS UNTIL EARLY BIRD ENDS! If my Intention Essentials course is something that interests you make sure to gra… https://t.co/1DSEAhS7LH2 weeks 4 days ago
Tools for a New World: STEP 3 are ready! Join The 8 Revolution (form is at the bottom of the web page) and receive… https://t.co/SI96LayjDj2 weeks 5 days ago