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Garry Nolan 🔥 https://t.co/nXfulAd1jd2 weeks 7 hours ago
Good to see. Decarbonization of industry activity using advanced nuclear. https://t.co/bkPXvmFNl82 weeks 6 days ago
🔥 https://t.co/1rpAgpe7AV3 weeks 2 days ago
Ha! https://t.co/oOuZPOXcc33 weeks 4 days ago
social backwardness? — 4 weeks 18 hours ago
First rule of foreign policy: ignore Chomsky. :-) But of course, you're right that we're hardly bl… https://t.co/vdSVsDzpez4 weeks 18 hours ago
In Latin America? Of course, we should stop it. Of geopolitical interest? Well, those things are imp… https://t.co/7NYBz5dMcq4 weeks 18 hours ago
The idea that the US policy is the cause of most geopolitical ills, and that most can be fixed by changing US polic… https://t.co/pxA1d9swjp4 weeks 1 day ago
RIP Gordon Lightfoot Truly one of my favorite singer/songwriters...so many favorite songs, but this one is up ther… https://t.co/Y7yqTnjEuy1 month 9 hours ago
https://t.co/PZQrhfMiqF1 month 1 day ago