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RT : Britain is the first big country to show similar results to Israel, where a jump start on vaccinations led to falli… https://t.co/RkIB9FDcP33 days 5 hours ago
Sad. Trying to fight the future... https://t.co/exq4O6pARm4 days 4 hours ago
RT : Presidential margin shift, 2012-20 White Non-College, R+13 White College, D+21 Black, R+9 Hispanic, R+20 Asian/Oth… https://t.co/5ZBpRs0uvx4 days 4 hours ago
The King Speaks.... https://t.co/JQDiZBuHjh4 days 9 hours ago
The NBA's fault. Constantly hype Zion. He's great; don't get me wrong. But absolutely should be Booker's year. Suns… https://t.co/QZtAAmP7BJ4 days 9 hours ago
Agreed, if you want people to get vaccinated, you can pretend they change nothing. https://t.co/A2kEjb3Vki5 days 17 hours ago
Good! Let's end tipping. Charge me the actual cost. Relic. https://t.co/p4iGG0Trk45 days 17 hours ago
RT : Curiosity Rover Frantically Driving Around Mars To Make It Look Like It’s Been Busy Before New Spacecraft Arrives… https://t.co/rDVePHjXoq1 week 2 days ago
RT : I grew up listening to Rush Limbaugh 3 hours a day as a home-schooled kid. My parents idolized him. 5 years ago my… https://t.co/WnYHt6MmYo1 week 2 days ago
Ha! https://t.co/n0pLu26Irs1 week 2 days ago