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You are a deeply lost and confused old man in need of help. You lost the election and your time as President is over. — 2 years 6 months ago
RT : Hey , was just informed by college Dems at George Washington U that supporters of yours in Pete t-shi… https://t.co/SIKTgAs4ur3 years 7 months ago
RT : Last week Marianne Williamson crossed the 130,000-donor threshold to qualify for the third debate/2020. But she’s n… https://t.co/mCTb2fftf83 years 9 months ago
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MARIANNE Williamson is running for President of the USA >> FIND OUT WHY by watching this short video!… https://t.co/WPiKOCMYU74 years 2 months ago
Join us in celebrating our transgender friends, colleagues, family members and neighbors. https://t.co/Wd1MRk2BgZ4 years 2 months ago
TRUTH! https://t.co/oUd2eElVI74 years 2 months ago
Remember.... https://t.co/tQyE6kOusD4 years 2 months ago
A MUST WATCH VIDEO . - Marianne Williamson on immigration in the USA Donate $1 or more today to help amplify Marian… https://t.co/ErFgBcnqds4 years 2 months ago
Marianne Williamson on immigration -- must watch! Donate $1 or more today to help amplify Marianne's voice and get… https://t.co/pfPMODeCGn4 years 2 months ago