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While I'm not a big tweeter, I've been convinced this site is headed into dark places and that a presence here is c… year 6 months ago
RT : Always read ⁦⁩. Always. No, You Do Not Have a Constitutional Right to Post Hunter Biden’s Dick Pic on Twitt… year 6 months ago
Do you think should come clean about any past deceptions if he truly aims to create a platform that is trustworthy and truthful? — 1 year 6 months ago
Stephen’s Newsletter: Elon's Big Mission and Why Twitter May Be His Waterloo year 6 months ago
I say all this while being clear that I have personally found a lot of his moves and Tweets distasteful a… year 7 months ago
The shock at what he is doing also has the value of driving attention to Twitter. While some of it is ru… year 7 months ago
I think he sees that there are truths in the right that need to be championed that the left currently dis… year 7 months ago
That will lift the discourse ultimately. But it will go through a right-leaning period here to get to th… year 7 months ago
By deliberately offending the norms of left-wing culture, he is making the platform more welcoming to the… year 7 months ago
In other words, his current brutality and right-wing offerings are part of the strategy to create an ulti… year 7 months ago